- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [with video walkthroughs, otherwise 7/10]
- Offline: 12 [400]
- Online: 0[0]
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 10-20 hours [skill based]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Level select is available
- Missable achievements: None [levels are replayable]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Need to pass all of the levels in Hardcore with 100% Core health and Ether remaining
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Defense Technica is a tower-defense styled strategy game released to XBLA by Cyber Front. It is a basic tower-defense game where you have a base to protect from incoming waves of enemies. As you progress through the game you can unlock level-ups for your towers with medals that you get from completing the levels.

There are two difficulties, Normal and Hardcore. Both are playable straight away. What I did was first practice the level on Normal and when I passed it with 100% health remaining in the core I went for Hardcore with the same strategy. If you are a tower-defense veteran and you feel comfortable you can also go straight for Hardcore.

- Practice the stages on Normal difficulty before trying Hardcore
- You can reset your tower upgrades by pressing on your controller while you are in the tower upgrade menu. This is good since you might need more upgrades for certain towers on the next stage and on the other hand you might not need some towers at all (for example the SAM tower if there's no flying enemies on the next stage)
- If you get stuck on a level use these walkthrough videos to get an idea of how you could improve your strategy: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=575554
- If you need to get more tower upgrades unlocked, try completing some of the earlier levels on Hardcore to get more medals.

Step 1: Completing the stages on Hardcore
To minimize your playtime you should start straight on with Hardcore. Try to get a perfect run before proceeding to next level so you have as many medals as you can for tower upgrades. I have posted some walkthrough videos on Hardcore and if you get stuck on a level you can get some tips from the videos HERE.

Step 2: Miscellaneous achievements
If you are still missing some of the miscellaneous achievements after completing all of the stages on Hardcore, refer to the achievement guide to see how to obtain them. The game has a level select available so there's basically no missable achievements.

Defense Technica is a normal tower-defense strategy game. The achievements are pretty straightforward. If you love TD genre then this is a must-buy for you.

[XBA would like to thank Jappe XBA for this roadmap]

Defense Technica Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Unlock all towers.

    You unlock towers by purchasing upgrades with medals. You get medals for completing stages. For this you need to complete all of the stages with 100% Ether and Core health remaining in order to get enough medals for the upgrades. Difficulty doesn't affect the medals so you can do this on Normal.

  • Unlock all stages.

    The game has a total of 22 stages and a new stage unlocks after you have beaten the previous one. After you beat stage number 21 the achievement unlocks. Use these walkthrough videos to help with a strategy if you get stuck on a stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cbk...cRtBpsTizX5urO

  • Spy



    Check information on all enemies.

    This achievement unlocks on the last stage (22) when you see the last boss on the final wave 145. You don't need to check the information on the enemies from the menus. Thanks to Finaldark for pointing this out!

  • Sell more than 10 towers in one stage.

    Start Stage 04 (Main Power Room) on Normal difficulty. You already have 8 towers placed at the start of the game so all you need to do is buy 2 towers and then sell them all. You don't need to clear the stage. The achievement unlocks right after you sell your 10th tower. See the video for reference.

  • Save more than 5000 resources when clearing a stage.

    Start stage 11 (Underground City 1) on Normal difficulty and follow the strategy on this video:

    You will need to have 5000 or more resources at the end of the stage when you clear it. The achievement does not unlock straight away when you hit 5000 resources. By using the strategy in the video above I managed to clear the stage with 7500 resources remaining. I didn't have all the tower unlocks that he uses in the video yet but the stage is also passable with lower level towers.

    It doesn't matter how much health you have at the end so you don't need to worry if some enemies get to your Core. Achievement unlocks when the stage ends.

  • Destroy more than 30 enemy units in 5 seconds.

    Start Stage 08 (Deadly Canyon 1) and ONLY build Barricades. What you want to do here is guide all of the enemies to walk on one specific path. There will be a few different groups of enemies incoming from different paths. You need to get at least two or three of these groups of enemies together and then fire the Ether Bomb by holding RT on your controller.

    You can build Barricades around the Core so that all of the enemies' paths are blocked and they are forced to destroy your towers in order to get their hands on your Core. This method usually puts all of the enemies to walk on one specific path. When the enemies gather around to destroy the Barricades get ready to shoot the Ethernet Bomb. If you get 30 or more enemies the achievement unlocks right after you have exploded the bomb and they die.

  • Get 5 towers destroyed by enemies in a stage.

    Start Stage 08 (Deadly Canyon 1) and start building Barricades next to your Core so that you're blocking the enemies' path and they are forced to destroy your towers out of their way. The achievement unlocks straight away after the 5th tower is destroyed. Unfortunately you can't build a new tower to a spot where your old tower was.

  • Clear a stage with less than 5% Core HP.

    Start Stage 04 (Main Power Room) on Normal difficulty. Follow this video guide and you are good to go. Remember that you need to have less than 5% so make sure you don't have 5% at the end.

  • Clear a stage by building all types and all levels of towers.

    You need to first unlock all of the towers before you can attempt this. This will most likely be your last achievement in the game. This is probably easiest on the last stage since you need a LOT of resources to buy all of the different towers. You should play on Normal to make it easier.

    While going for this achievement you don't need to worry about your health or ether. You just need to pass the stage while at least one of each tower and upgrade has been built. Here is a complete list of towers needed to build:

    Submachine gun (Lv 1)
    -Machine gun (Lv2)
    --Vulcan (Lv3)
    ---Double Vulcan (Lv4)
    --Pulsar (Lv3)
    ---Supernova (Lv4)


    Magnum (Lv1)
    -Magnum X (Lv2)
    --Damage Booster (Lv3)
    ---Damage Booster X (Lv4)
    --Speed Booster (Lv3)
    ---Speed Booster X (Lv4)

    Mortar (Lv1)
    -Long Mortar (Lv2)
    --Homing SSM I (Lv3)
    ---Homing SSM II (Lv4)
    --Cluster (Lv3)
    ---Cluster Frakk (Lv 4)

    Homing SAM (Lv1)
    -Homing SAM II (Lv 2)
    --Airmine Launcher IV (Lv 3)
    ---Airmine Launcher VI (Lv 4)
    --Homing SAM IV (Lv 3)
    ---Homing SAM VI (Lv 4)

    Raygun (Lv 1)
    -Double Raygun (Lv 2)
    --Plasma (Lv 3)
    ---Hyper Plasma (Lv 4)
    --Tesla Disruptor (Lv 3)
    ---Tesla Disruptor X (Lv 4)

    Flame (Lv 1)
    -Flame Torrent (Lv 2)
    --Napalm (Lv 3)
    ---Napalm XX (Lv 4)
    --Hellraiser (Lv 3)
    ---Inferno (Lv 4)

    Stabber (Lv 1)
    -Electro Stabber (Lv 2)
    --Tentacloid (Lv 3)
    ---Electro Tentacloid (Lv 4)
    --Thor (Lv 3)
    ---Electro Thor (Lv 4)

    So you need to have all of those 43 towers and finish the stage to unlock the achievement. You can have more than one of each tower.

  • Make an enemy's path longer than 250 meters by blocking with towers.

    Start stage 10 (Deadly Canyon 2) on Normal difficulty. What you want to do now is route the top left path of enemies to move from ramp to ramp. The path should end to the right side of your Core. The achievement unlocks right after you place the last Barricade that makes the path longer than 250 meters. There is no indicator to tell how long the path is. Thanks to Finaldark for sharing this.

  • Get more than 300,000 points when clearing a stage.

    Start stage 11 (Underground City 1) on Hardcore difficulty and use the strategy in this video to beat it:

    I cleared the stage with 99 health using that strategy and managed to get 339,000 score.

  • Clear all stages with 100% Core HP. (HARDCORE)

    There are 22 stages in the game and you need to pass all of them with 100% Core health and 100% Ether remaining at the end.

    If you can't seem to get past a stage, I have made walkthrough videos for some of the stages on Hardcore. You can find the videos HERE.

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