Acquaintances Forgotten Achievement

  • Acquaintances Forgotten



    Follow Pritchard's lead to uncover the truth.


    While in Detroit for the 2nd time, Pritchard will be in contact with you as you walk around and he'll inform you that you should go meet Brent Radford. 

    Head over to his apartment and head into the bedroom. Make sure you don't get caught by the guard and take him down. You'll now spot Brent dying on the floor in the bathroom. Strike a conversation with him and he'll ask you to find his medic pack. Agree and exit the bathroom. Look in the corner of the closet to your left as you exit and you'll see it on the floor.

    Head back to Brent and administer a dose of morphine to him. Each time he asks for another does, apply some more. Once you have all the information you need, Brent will ask for one more dose to kill him. Don't worry this does not void the 'Pacifist' achievement, so go ahead and give him the last dose. Once he dies, the 'Kevorkian Complex' achievement will unlock.

    After this carry on with the side mission. You'll now need to go to a lock up and find the last bit of evidence Brent informed you about. Make a save here then takedown the 3 guards outside without getting caught. Now read the 5 emails on the PC and look at the evidence in the safe. Now that you've searched the safe, do the follow up objective by seeing Michelle Walters and the achievement will unlock.

  • no one know how to get this achievement?
  • go here
  • @2 Fuck off spaming!!!!
  • @2 seriosuly cut the shit. every1 knws thts just s scam. the only ppl who fall 4 it 4 stuipd 12 yr olds tht dnt knw wat a scam is on a serious note. does any1 know how or when you get this?
  • i thought you would get it when he tells you about the extra computer passage during the 3rd or 4th mission
  • FOR U PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT YET, you get this side quest later on the game after you defeat yelena in montreal, and then, when you return to detroit, you get it very intentionally...
  • It's a side quest given to you very soon after returning to Detroit after you leave Montreal. Pritchard will give you some information about the detective from earlier. You need to follow up on this.
  • is this side mission triggered by any special need?
  • @8 Yes, you need to read the emails Sarif sent you before going to china. Upon coming back, you will get the rest of this side mission.
  • i didn't get this mission...i don't know why T_T
  • got the photos from the safe, now im told to continue searching the storage unit for more but cant find more. can anyone help plz
  • This achievement starts when Pritchard talks to you in your office about the backdoor leak. then you go talk to sarif and convince him to tell you the truth (See Yes Boss) and send you the emails. Then read the emails, and head to China. Apon your return, at one point Pritchard will call you and give you the side mission. You can also get the Kevorkian Complex achievement in this side mission. The whole mission is pretty straight fforward.
  • @11 Double check the computer. There are 5 messages to read, you might have missed that since almost every other computer's max emails seems to be 4.... Hope that does it for ya.
  • so i think i can confirm if you dont read those emails before your initial traveling to china, this side quest will be lost to you for the rest of the game.
  • I did all of the above but it did not come up, what did I di wrong?
  • I went back to my apartment, but didn't see any new emails? Was I supposed to look in my office?
  • yes it is in your office
  • @#17 You needed to look at your work office email not your home office email.
  • Ooppss did read your whole post sorry. you got it..
  • At the very end of this achievement, when I had left Michelle in the apartement, nothing happened. The quest was incomplete, so I thought it was a glitch, but I tried to reenter the apartement and then it just popped.
  • Thanks for the help on this one. I missed it, but I don't mind doing another playthrough for this game.
  • @15 back again with your almost useless guides seeing as you skip over bits, not even bothering to look this time there are MUCH better guides out that cover everything. /ontopic Hmmph, was wondering why this didn't show up, guess i didn't read all the emails, almost need to sit perm infront of a browser to get the most out of this game in 1 playthrough, i'm only renting it and so glad i did, love stealth games and yet this one i can't stand.
  • Ah FUCK OFFFFF!!! Didn't read the emails and now I have to do another run for this bastard side mission!
  • There are 5 emails, but only 4 fit on the screen. Remember to scroll down one at the end, and then the next marker will pop up to go to see Michelle.
  • Is there a way to complete this achievement without messing up the pacifist achievement?
  • #26 If you knew what the word pacifist even means then you wouldn't be even asking that question lol. Giving him the drugs has nothing to do with pacifist.

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