Thief Achievement in Dishonored

  • Thief



    You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

    How to unlock Thief

    You can do this throughout the playthrough by going into sneak mode () and tapping when you're behind someone with a glowing purse on their hip. This total has to be actual coins, it cannot be items that are valued at X amount of coins. You will easily get this achievement by Mission 5. There is a big party and you are able to walk around freely stealing from everyone. No one cares and in fact some joke around and think it is funny.

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  • easy cheeve if you dont get it by the boyle party you can snag 100gp off of each of the boyle girls
  • This achievement was rather easy. Just sneak an pickpocket before you kill or choke out guards/thugs
  • I got this at the party later in the game.
  • I just now got around to playing this game & am only a couple hours in, so far it's pretty sweet. Some sick achievements.
  • easiest achievement ever
  • Simple, either start pickpocketing from the first mission if your doing a playthrough stealth, or just wait unil mission 05 - lady boyles last party.
  • In mission 5 (lady Boyles party) the person you are supposed to deliver Pendleton's letter to is carrying a pouch worth 100.
  • Lady Boyles party (mission 5) makes this one very easy
  • This is a super easy achievement.
  • Super Easy. Didn't even start pickpocketing people til I was at the Boyle mansion though. Great place to start! Made bank there!
  • Just now made it to the Lady Boyles party, and started pickpocketing there! Got the achievement surprisingly fast!
  • Just go into stealth mode at lady boyles party and pickpocket them, easy as pie

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