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    You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

    How to unlock Versatile

    High Chaos

    This achievement has had some people become frustrated. It is believed by some that you must kill human enemies only. Here is the list of weapons you must use. My opinion is strong to say that killing with any blade is fine. This is because there is an Overseer Blade and an Assassin's Blade. Both of them are found in the Flooded District but not both of them can be obtained at the same time. Also, there is a dueling pistol during Mission 5 that you can only shoot during a duel while completing a side objective. I also do not believe this is required.

    City Watch Sword - This is obtained in Coldridge Prison right after you escape.

    Corvo's Folding Blade - Automatic and is what you use almost the full game

    Overseer Blade/Assassin's Blade - These are found in Mission 7: The Flooded District but cannot both be equipped, therefore my conclusion they are not part of the list.

    City Watch Pistol/Corvo's Pistol - You will find this in the prison and beyond, extremely hard to miss. Corvo's pistol is just the upgraded City Watch pistol.

    Upgrade: Explosive Bullet - This is an upgrade that is only obtained when discovering the required blueprint. You buy the ammo and it is a separate icon than regular bullets.

    Necessary Blueprint locations:
    (Note: Picking up a blueprint with multiple locations, will make it disappear from all locations)

    Mission: House of Pleasure
    Item: Incandescent Paste; Incendiary Bolt Blueprints (Location 1)
    Location: Use the valve-controlled door located within the Distillery to reach the blueprint

    Mission:Lady Boyle's Last Party
    Item: Spiked Grenade Housing; Sticky Grenade Blueprints (Location 1)
    Location: Before entering the Mansion through the side entrance (which enters into the main hall and staircase), take a left and enter a side door into a guard's room to find the blueprints on a table.

    Mission: Return to the Tower
    Item: Small-Scale Combustion Refinement; Explosive Bullets (Location 1)
    Location: Once you're inside Dunwall Tower, check the rooms on the second floor, and you will find this in the General's office.

    The Flooded District
    Item 1: Spiked Grenade Housing; Sticky Grenade Blue prints (Location 2)
    Location: Inside the Thug's basement with a partially destroyed passageway

    Item 2:Incandescent Paste; Incendiary Bolts (Location 2)
    Location: In the lower level cellar near the exit from the Gateward Tunnels.

    Item 3: Small-Scale Combustion Refinement; Explosive Bullets (Location 2)
    Location: In the crashed railcar you pass by as you exit the rail station, and just before reaching the main area with Daud, and tons of Assassins.

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  • uuurrrgh why is this achievement glitched?
  • yeah same thought. I even found the upgrade for sticky grenades and used that super weapon at the end to turn everyone to ash. but no achievo for me
  • Basically, kill at least one person with each weapon and gadget. This will require some upgrades, and blueprints for the upgrades. Meaning: Pistol(+explosive rounds), Crossbow(+Incendiary Bolts), Blade, Springrazor and grenade(+sticky grenades). 1- all arrows type kills 2-traps- 3 grenades/ sticky grenades 4 i did (rats, and wind) 5 all pistol kills type- 2 6-assassin blade 7 melee ability hopefully i got them all
  • Somehow I didn't find the sticky grenade blueprints...where are they located?
  • At lady Boyle's party before you walk in the sticky grenade blueprint is at a guard station, it's really easy to over look it.
  • guess im not getting this achivment
  • ok i just did this one, besides finding the plans for the upgrades of explosive bullet, sticky grenade and incendiary bolt, here is what you need to use to get this achievement: 1-grenade, 2-sticky grenade, 3-regular bullet, 4-explosive bullet, 5-regular bolt, 6-incendiary bolt, 8-spring razor and 9-your sword. I did this in mission 8, return to the tower, it's full of soldiers and you can easily use all 9 different weapons. besides, you can't have explosive bullet until mission 6 and buy the gun and weapon just before you go to bed after they drug you.
  • oups mission 8 is not "return to the tower", it is when you return to the pub, after mission 7, sorry.
  • where is the blueprint for the explosive bullet at?
  • never mind found it
  • Does this have to be in one play through or across one? I just kiled someone with the sticky and explosive rounds and achievement did not pop.
  • OK. Nevermind again. It finally unlocked.
  • Where are the explosive bullet blueprints???
  • I would also love to know where the Explosive Bullet blueprints are.
  • Explosive Bullet prints are on 'Return To The Tower'. Get into the interior mansion and you will have Regent on a screen in the middle of 2 stairs. You need to get to Regent's chambers, once there you face to wall of light, turn left and go to the hall, then turn right, the first door on the right should be General Tobias' room. The blueprints are on his desk.
  • Thank you very much :) Was the last upgrade I needed, appreciate it.
  • So does this all have to be in one consistent playthrough though? I went through and missed the sticky grenades, beat the game, replayed Boyle, got the blueprint, bought a sticky, and then used it at Dunwall Tower. I know I've used the sword, crossbow, incendiary bolts, gun, explosive bullets, springrazor, and regular grenade.
  • I cannot get this achievement. i have loaded a couple times now, killing with sticky grenade, standard grenade, bullet, explosive bullet, crossbow, incendiary bolt, springrazor, and sword....but it doesnt come up. i know i have killed with the assassin blade and the first sword you get from prison, do you also have to kill with the powers or what?
  • Where Can I find sticky grenade blueprint?
  • You have to get kills with windblast and devouring storm
  • You do not need any magical powers. I just completed this on my no kill, no alert play through. I collected all the blueprints and went on a rampage on the last mission, then reloaded a save. It's the two types of pistol rounds, two types of crossbow bolts, two types of grenades, spring razor, and sword. 8 different weapons. That's it.
  • I do think this one may be slightly glitched but you can get it. I unlocked it just now. Here's how it went down. Recovered my gear, then went all along my equipment wheel using every weapon I had one at a time: regular bolts, incendiary bolts, springrazor, regular grenade, sticky grenade, regular bullet, explosive bullet, sword. Didn't pop. WTF. So I went ahead and went through the door leading to the main area where you have to fight the assassins. On a hunch, I shot the first assassin I saw with an explosive bullet. *Then* it popped. Whatever. So if you're having trouble, I'd say reload and keep working it. It's a little messed up.
  • PS: #21 is incorrect.
  • The achievement isn't glitched. You know how when you load up a mission you only get the upgrades that you had at the time you originally played that mission? Well say you got a incendiary arrow kill in mission 8 and had to load up mission 4 or wherever to get the blueprint for sticky grenade and then you upgraded it and got the grenade kill in mission 5. Mission 5 doesn't know you already got the incendiary arrow kill in mission 8 so you won't get the achievement. Stupid I know, but you have to have the kills all in one timeline sort of. You can't load up previous stuff, get the one kill you need and get the achievement. Loading up mission 5 to get a kill negates any kills you got in mission 6, 7, etc. and you'll have to do those again.
  • OK I think I've figured out that is has to do with the Explosive Bullets. Keep shooting those until it pops. I had done one of each and then did a few more explosives just to make sure it was the explosion that killed the enemy and not the bullet itself. Popped right away.
  • #26 is correct. I could never get it to pop until I killed a weeper with the explosion from a exploding bullet not the bullet itself. I simply aimed right beside the poor bastard and *POP* went the chieve.
  • @ 23 I did exactly what you said and it worked for me. Shot someone with the explosive rounds when I got back to where the assassins were. (:
  • for me it was the explosive bullets. had to keep aiming to the side of him so the explosives killed the guy, not the bullet itself
  • you only need to use these weapons: springrazor croosbow and incendiary bolt pistol regular and explosiv rounds grenade and sticky grenade and the blade kill. just did this now
  • It is really stupid, but the problem really is with the 'Explosive Bullets'. The achievement will NOT pop up unless you kill the enemy with the explosion as opposed to the bullet itself. For those who need the blueprints for anything, here are the locations briefly. Incandescent Paste (Fire bolts), Mission 3, the blueprints are in the room opened by a valve. Spiked Grenade Housing (Sticky Grenades), Mission 5, on the desk in the guard's station near the entrance to the manor. Small-Scale Combustion Refinement (Explosive Bullet), Mission 6, Dunwall Tower Interior in the office on the second floor. If you miss anything, all blueprints can be found in the Flooded District. Hope this helps someone.
  • P.S. You don't need to use powers to kill people, however you do need to use both types of grenades, bullets, and bolts as well as your sword and the springrazors.
  • Glitchy achievement. Normal grenades and exploding bullets you sometimes will have to do multiple kills before unlock.
  • is it possible to reload the mission you missed and still get this?
  • Does this all have to be in one playthrough? Meaning i'm not aloud to mission select to get a specific blueprint i missed then get the kill with it?
  • Must find the blueprints
  • #26 is spot on, thanks terabyter9000 :)
  • #26 and #27 confirmed, just do not aim directly to the enemy so the explosion kill him, not the bullet. Thanks!
  • If anyone's having trouble, it's probably the explosive rounds - just kill a few to make sure.
  • To this achievement just follow three steps: 1. Have time bend lvl 2 2. Have 4 crossbow bolts 3. Freeze time then headbolt 4 enemies before time bend ends. watch this video for a straight forward howto:
  • Very easy, just use everything, I got it after I relcaimed my gear and exploded weeper near it (explosive bullet area of effect)
  • #41, wrong achievement...
  • Ahh...this just keeps on glitching
  • So, I have found the Sticky Grenades Blueprint, but i can't buy any from Piero. Does someone knows why?
  • do you have to get the upgrades to count or can you use the looted items like the incendiary bolt?
  • U have to use all 8 weapons and upgrades on a single play through. u cant kill a few enemies with some weapons, then load the game and so on.
  • For anyone still having trouble with this achievement, please make note of previous statements: Explosive rounds kill must be from explosion, not bullets. No powers required for this achievement. All weapon blueprints can be found in The Flooded District mission. To buy upgraded weapon utilities, you must first talk to Piero and purchase the upgrades in the second menu slot, and then you can buy the ammunition you need. Hope this helps.
  • Video-guide to get the achievement Versatile. For this you must kill an enemy with every weapon of the game. There are 2 of them that can only be unlocked with blueprints: Sticky Bombs (Mission 5) and Explosive Bombs (Mission 7). In this video I show you the location of these 2 blueprints.
  • Do you have to kill someone with every weapon in a single playthrough?

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