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    You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

    How to unlock Shadow

    In order to know when an enemy is alert, watch the lightning bolts over their head. Once they are all filled in with white, they will turn red and the enemy will start attacking you. If that happens, reload the last save you have. Always pay close to attention to the detection markers (the lightning bolts) and as soon as you see even a bit of white, hide until the enemy moves on.

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  • Eek, this may be tough :/
  • cheeves like this hurt my brain
  • i'm so excited to see how fun this game is, i cant wait to play it. and i dont care about what achievements i unlock on my first play through either, i'm just going to soak it all in, and whatever i dont get i'll go back and play again and try to unlock.
  • This one is probably not as much tough as it is inconvenient. You have various achievements that require killing people in different ways, but this one, if I understand it right, will prevent that. You couldnbackstab them but it is not the same. Same goes for no kill achievement, it will most likely prevent other achievements in same play through. So they probably designed it to encourage players to play at least twice. I think many will not mind, but I have way too many games to complete so it can suck to replay a game or achievements.
  • Do weepers count? And a follow up to that question, what about the sewer after the first mission where you have to go down and either sedate or kill them. It seems they are alerted when shot with a dart.
  • #5 Yes weepers count, best to stay away from granny side quests for this
  • i think staying out of sight of the 15 assassins or so and 4 dogs in mission 7 is rather tough, these guys blink like you so your only advantage here is to stop time and blink pass them. i managed that but i never managed to stay out of sight of Daud himself, stopping time doesn't work on him nor do sleeping darts... I could use a tip on this one. thanks
  • oh and i tried to posses the guy in his room and he still "recognize" my footsteps and attacked me... maybe i should just kill him?
  • just curious on this one... if you do beat a mission and alert someone does going back and replaying it from the "mission" menu selection count towards the achievement?
  • #7... I just did that mission... you can get behind Daud and do a normal stealth takedown on him.
  • at #9, it didn't work for the achievo of 0 kill cuz i had 1 kill in 1 mission and 0 in all others so i redid that mission, finished the game again from there and despite showing 0 kills in all missions now, i didn't get the achievo for finishing the game with 0 kills. so if i were you i would reload the minute you are spotted, redoing the mission completely after you beat it probably won't work.
  • however, maybe if you choose to replay the mission right away when they give you the opportunity, it might actually work but waiting at the end to come back and redo a mission doesn't work for sure.
  • at #10, i got Daud to move away from his key without killing him or him spotting me, i sent rats at him, the 2nd time he ran and i just walked in and picked up his key. so many ways to do things, so much fun to have :)
  • What about when you detonate the bomb escaping the prison? does that count? Because I don't see how you can do that without alerting everyone.
  • Also, what counts as "alert:" just one spidey sense, or all three levels of spidey sense?
  • I just got this achievement along with Ghost, Mostly Flesh And Steel, and Clean Hands. Alert implies to People and hounds with the 3 lightning bolts above their heads, as long as all 3 don't light up and flash red you will be fine. I played through without killing any one. I did the Slackjaw missions to enable non-lethal takedown of the Pendleton twins, but i did not do the Granny Rags missions. In Return I was able to avoid the clash of the two in the sewers because the gate was unlocked and had no need to retrieve the key from Granny. The Spitting Plants dont count as Alert; and as for the bomb blowing up, knock out the 2 guards before detonation - makes things easier - then dont hang around because reinforcements come in to check it out. Finally this must be done in 1 en
  • Working on this now its a real pain in my ass!!!
  • Here is a complete guide for Shadow + Clean Hands / Mostly Flesh and Steel and many more. I believe this will be the FASTEST & EASIEST Guide you can possibly find
  • #18 thank you, i was kind of nervous about some of these achievements before, but i'm feeling pretty confident now
  • at #15, 1 or 2 spidey thing above the head of people is ok but 3 mean you have been spotted and there goes your achievo. as for Daud, i found an easy way to get his key without being spotted, you can blink on the high bookshelf just in front of him, he doesn't seem to see you there then you blink under the desk that is behind him, even if he look at you while you are under, he doesn't see you, then when he turn his back on you, just go get the key and comeback under the desk. once he look away again, blink back up on the high bookshelf and leave the way you came in. hope this help...
  • Does those bloody krusts (venom spitting planta) count?
  • What about 3 white things above their heads??? If u shoot a sleep dart then usually the guy beside has 3 Whigs does anybody know if that counts towards being altered or is it only when the red comes on above their heads??? Any help would be appreciated
  • I did this, but because i forgot to do it in the first mission in the prison i didnt get it. I replayed it but still nothing. Hurts like a bitch >
  • Completed my playthrough last night. Ghost Shadow Clean Hands Mostly Flesh and Steel 1) Saved a lot 2) If anyone got up to 3x white awareness symbols I reloaded, just to be safe. Pay attention to what the guards are saying - if they start looking for you or calling for you to come out, reload your save. 3) Made sure I only used sleep darts or chokes on npc's 4) Made sure I put bodies in a safe location - on top of crates, in bins, on tables/beds etc. Didn't leave them anywhere near water or on the floor anywhere near even a single rat, or in a position where they might fall or be despawned by the game ie, if they were half in a wall or twitching because of the physics engine, I moved them - although mostly because it creeped me out ;)
  • 5) Did not kill a single rat, hagfish or weeper. Sleep darts for weepers, ignored everything else. As mentioned elsewhere, be careful in Chapter 7 when using the bricks to escape - try to catch the brick midair before it lands to help avoid killing the rats. I saved after each successfully broken board and catch to make sure I didn't kill them. 6) The plants don't count towards being spotted - just ignore and avoid them. 7) Have Slackjaw deal with the twins - his method is non-lethal.
  • I reloaded if I ever got spotted, managed Clean Hands, no Ghost/Shadow though.
  • Killing animals; hagfish, rats, etc. does not count against your clean hands or Shadow. Only Weepers and regular human NPCs.
  • Does anybody know if "DEAD OR UNCONSCIOUS BODIES FOUND" at the end of a mission will it VOID this achievement??????
  • I would also like to know if #29 is correct. I'm on the penultimate mission, don't want to mess up now :(
  • I can conform #29 that it's all good. I got all Shadow (as well as clean hands, mostly flesh and steel, and ghost) with one single 'dead or unconscious body found'. Hope this helps.
  • Woo Hoo the Boot upgrade does not matter I just got this achievements Mostly Flesh & Steel + Clean Hands + Shadow + Ghost on my 1st play through man it was a challenge trying to get all those on 1st playthrough NOW it's time to sup up and kill kill kill ah HAHAHAAA
  • Hey Guys, If anyone is still getting stuck with the troublesome Shadow / Ghost / Clean Hands / Mostly Flesh & Steel achievements, I've made up a quick guide for all the missions with video commentary to help out. I hope you find it useful :)
  • It doesn't matter if the guards discover the bodies as long as they never find you. If they have all three lighting bolts flashing red, reload a save. I can confirm that even if they discover knocked-out guards the achievement will still pop.
  • Does this achievement require Ghost to be checked at the end of every mission?
  • The weepers in the sewers between the second and third mission annoyed me a lot. When you get down in the sewers near the weepers, you'll see one of them running into a side tunnel. Right outside he pub (in the streets) there's a hatch - drop down there and you'll approach the weeper from behind. The other can be shot from afar with a tranquilizer dart.
  • What if an unconscious body is found? Does it still count?
  • Unconscious bodies don't count though the guard will actively look for you for a bit. If you're trying for Clean Hands put the unconscious people as far off the ground as you can- rats can come by and munch on them, counting as if you killed them.
  • Took me ages, with a lot of saved games and going back but once I finally got this achievement was so proud. If I can give any advise to getting these achievements where you don't kill or alert anyone, it is save the game every few minutes whenever there is a chance of getting detected. If you do get detected just go back to previous save and try again :)
  • HEY OKAY #7, #8, & #10, Just letting you guys know,.....though #10 most likely knows,....not sure, but one level 8 I believe, when your going to Daud's place, if you just keep swimming, all the way to the end(keep underwater so as not to be seen) & were the bone charm is, there should be a light post you can blink to that leads to the back yard were the dogs are, try not to be spotted by them and watch out for the guard that comes to that back way on the roof, but were that guy if there is a leg for you to blink to under him, and if you time everything right you can choke him to sleep and be on guard cuz there is more then just one that makes rounds near there, but if you want, you can just blink under him and if you just keep walking a little ways the window is right there for you to get
  • to, just watch for shift changes, once there just try to move around low like and if need be put someone to sleep(one of the two guys near that window, one will walk around there) and you can try blink to the lamp's hanging from the ceiling as best you can, then move to the book cases, watch the training scene till the tyranny goes away. They wont notice you there in the book shelf (they didn't for me), then it should be easy from there on,....and as for Daud, well it took me a little bit, I went on the lamps and then to the open space on the outside wall's and saw him, then went to the floor above him, and went to the back area, were all the guards are and put them all to sleep,...choke, sleep darts, ect... so I could stay just outside the window were the guard was. I did posses him and w
  • went be hind Daud,. but he never attacked me, went behind him, got out of the body, slowed time so guard wouldn't do anything, choked Daud quick as I could and sleep darted the guard, all of this as fast as I could, and wait till Daud is near the key so you can get behind him, but if it don't work,...don't really know, did it for me,... but then again, I wasn't going for the shadow achev, just nonlethal first time,... but i'm on my sec and when I get to there, since now i'm trying the shadow achev, I'll let you know ^^.
  • Also #7 it was about 7-10 assassins and about two or three dogs,...well on the outside part anyway.
  • Playlist of my low chaos walkthrough guides Using these walkthroughs will unlock multiple achievements: Clean Hands Ghost Poetic Justice Shadow Mostly Flesh and Steel Specter Faceless Surgical Just Dark Enough Vanished Well Mannered
  • Save often.. enough said

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