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    You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

    How to unlock Mostly Flesh and Steel

    Basically, DO NOT purchase ANY powers from the menu. Powers cost Runes, so you have a better idea of what they are, and by don't purchase any, I also mean do not upgrade Blink. Thankfully, you can upgrade your regular equipment, such as your crossbow, mask, etc. Please see "Ghost" achievement description for links on how this is all best accomplished.

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  • and thats how you strip your game from all the fun!
  • Only planned on using Blink, the rest looked stupid.
  • what a SOB
  • @1 totally Agree, the game will demand more then one playthrough. If you put something in game make people use it rather then stop them from having fun. For Inspiration see Borderlands 2
  • Limitation fosters challenge. Also, there's 3 achievements off-hand that I know you'll need Possession for. Bend Time for others. Is there never a point in time you wouldn't want to try and play this without upgrading anything. I planned on doing this anyway and creating a save during each mission before and after in the hub. That way, I could simulate a NGP (New Game Plus) playthrough and upgrade whatever I feel like. Go wild. I haven't even touched it and I'm thinking of multiple ways to play. Don't be discouraged.
  • Honestly, from the gameplay I've seen all you really need is blink.
  • How is that not fun? God forbid you have to play a game through more than once! It sounds like a challenge, although there is no difficulty requirement so I assume you could blaze through it all on easy if you wanted. I can't wait to give this a shot on a 2nd or 3rd playthrough.
  • I personally like achievements that persuade you to play through in a more limited way, presumably after you've already beaten it once or twice.
  • #1 Are you one of those people that buys a game wanting to get all the achievements in one playthrough and move on? i don't normally say this but you f#%king Noob. ever thought of playing a game over and getting this achievement as a challenge? that's the definition of fun you idiot.
  • I thought the point of achievements was, just that, an achievement. This will be a challenge in certain points in the game i'm sure. I can't wait to tackle this one. Did someone mention Borderlands? In case you don't remember, Borderlands DLC had the shittiest achievement list ever. Literally no challenge, just the same thing OVER and OVER.
  • i totally agree that this is going to be a challenge but a fun one at that can't wait to try it.
  • #9 = d-bag
  • I've played Thief series years ago and while I went for the hardest difficulty I tried not even alerting anyone at all (0 times caught), throughout an entire playthrough, so this achievement doesn't sound bad at all, and it sounds really challenging and fun. The sense of accomplishment is also much higher this way. For those who want to 'Ramble' through every obstacle blasting everyone away, I'd say they might want to go away and go back to their favourite good old shooter games.
  • Not sure we need all the name calling in here but I agree achievements are just that, achieving things that are challenging and that ultimately extend the play-ability of most games, I much rather prefer to have achievements that require skill and multiple play-thoughts over impossible MP ones that everyone just boosts anyway and may become unobtainable later on, but MP achievements are another story...
  • does this mean i can buy upgrades for mask and weapons and bullets? cause i need the sleeping darts to do the no kill campaign
  • i bought most of the weapon upgrades and had no problem getting this
  • Can you at least upgrade blink? I use it all the time & the upgraded version is pretty handy.
  • Are there ways to spend money or whatever the currency used to get powers on anything else, I mean other than supernatural powers?
  • You can still upgrade all of your gear. However, I do not know if upgrading Blink to level 2 will disable this achievement.
  • Do NOT upgrade blink as it will disable the achievement, found this out the hard way.
  • this might sound like a stupid question but do the bone runes count
  • I also did a quick run of the campaign with my only power as Blink II. I did NOT get the achievement. Do NOT upgrade Blink.
  • wow upgraded blink to lvl 2. so cheap that i'll have to run through this all over again. it says you can purchase blink, you'd think they'd clarify that we can't upgraded it
  • I just completed this achievement and below is the stuff that I made sure not to upgrade or equip. I did not upgrade Blink to Blink 2, upgrade any other powers, no weapon or gear upgrades and I did not use any bone charms.
  • Yea, number 9' if even he were a noob, don't be one of those bullies who insult people over a question. From all I know maybe he wants exactly that, play the game once and never touch again. But being a jerk about it is no good.
  • Less bitchin' and more doing. For the real challenge put it on v.hard and go for this and no kill chieve on 1st runthrough. Anything less is soft. @1, the whole point of chieve's is to be able to say "i did this despite difficulty". Easy chieve's are pointless and boring for those that want the easy ride in life...!!!
  • @4 u r obviously retarded look at borderlands 2 for inspiration that game is the biggest pile of crap compared to #1 and this game the last thing any company needs to do is get inspiration from that garbage.
  • So glad you guys warned me about Blink.
  • So what about things that aren't related to supernatural powers? The upgrades you can pay for like, capacity upgrades or the footstep sound upgrade?
  • You can upgrade your weapons/gadgets and still get the achievement, its directed towards the supernatural powers, Hence the cheevo icon
  • @21 It clearly states that you must not PURCHASE any supernatural powers or enhancements, so I would think that freely found bone charms wouldn't count as a purchased or upgraded "superpower", but it also "clearly" stated "besides Blink" which we now know is totally wrong. So I dont know I much I would trust a bone charm.
  • Do not purchase level two of blink, infact best to just save this for your high chaos play through and kill everyone!
  • @27 have you even played the borderlands games? Borderlands was a great game but was lacking in a few areas, borderlands 2 took everything good about 1 and made it better and gave it a good and interesting story. I understand you are a human and are entitled to your opinion but please get a new one.
  • Stop being cunts to eachother! To each his own, no? @everybody talking shit about #1: He never said difficulty wasn't fun, and he never said that multiple playthroughs suck. All he said was that getting rid of the powers makes the game unfun for him. What this should tell you is that he enjoys the POWERS in this game more than anything else, so a nopower playthrough wouldnt be DIFFICULT, but it would be BORING :P
  • i got the achievement using charms for anyone curious.. but dont buy anything. i think u can use weapon upgrades though
  • Question: Can you buy level 2 for blink? Or does that break the seal/void your warranty?
  • Ah. Found it. NVM
  • Just Confirmed - You can buy the weapon and equipment upgrades from Piero. The only upgrades that you cannot buy are the POWERS, the ones you buy with runes. Blink 1 is given to you thats why it says "besides Blink" Purchasing Blink 2 will prevent the achievement from unlocking. Hope that helps
  • Is it possible to do this and the achievement killing no one at the same time?
  • Here is a COMPLETE Walkthrough for Mostly Flesh and Steel - super FAST & EASY to follow
  • Can I get weapon upgrades?
  • How upset I was when this achievement didn't pop. Make sure you don't upgrade Blink.
  • ^^thank you, i would have bought that upgrade if i hadn't of checked here first
  • Totally with #32 high chaos killer
  • Hey anybody know if accepting the heart from the outsider will affect this achievement????
  • & what about bone charms & relics?? R we allowed to even pick them up or will doing that affect this achievement??? Any advice would be appreciated - thanks in advance - TREX1979
  • SHIT I think I fcuked up -- it states no enhancements -- does that include any weapon upgrades & lens magnification???????
  • I'm pretty sure its only things that require spending runes or equipping bone charms (although I'm not 100% certain on the bone charms). I'm on that play through too so if I do it first I'll let you know.
  • you can use bone charms for this and you can upgrade you're weapons, you just can't up grade any power's includeing blink. it say's 'beside's blink' because you are given the first blink power for free. its best to upgrade weapons as best and as frequently as possible to kill enemie's as you can't freeze time or possess anyone.
  • okay since i'm playing this on hard and trying to go for all the runes and bone charms, no killing and undetected in 1 play through and the rest in the 2nd or 3rd and i need all the help i can get. can someone give a straight answer about the bone charms i haven't used any yet but i still would like to know if i can use them
  • i am so sick of this game. i've beaten it at least 5 times and still don't have all the achievements. i just played through all the way trying to collect all the sokolov paintings and without upgrading my powers and i wasn't able to do either because the pathway to the granny rags/slackjaw show down was closed and then I beat the game only to find out that upgrading my blink power negates getting this achievement. i feel so fucking cheated. now i have to play through this game 2 more fucking times and hope that it doesn't fuck me out of this achievement again because you don't know if you get it until you play though the entire fucking game. i guess the only plus side is you can beat the game in one sitting if you know whats going on, however i'm fucking sick and tired of playing through t
  • Dont upgrade blink to level 2 either or u dont get this achievement
  • If the game had replay value i wouldnt mind stuff like this so much :/
  • jsut done this and stacked a bunch of achievements, shadow,clean hands, ghost and this, you cannot buy anything with runes, but weapon and equipment upgrades you can buy, you can also use bone charms
  • God dammit. Well I got screwed on the don't upgade blink to level 2. Oh well. This game is awesome so I'm fine with 2 more play throughs.
  • I don't know how I'll manage without Demon Vision or whatever it's called. I have that activated pretty much constantly.
  • What about picking up bone charms - I'm doing the non lethal way and when I chock out Daud he has a bone charm on him -- is it ok to pick up or will picking up a bone charm VOID this achievement???? Thanks in advance
  • What about boot upgrade??? Does that count as an upgrade??? Fcukmi thought this was only supernatural I missed the upgrade part can someone please confirm???
  • Woo Hoo the Boot upgrade does not matter I just got this achievementb+ Clean Hands + Shadow + Ghost on my 1st play through man it was a challenge trying to get all those on 1st playthrough NOW it's time to sup up and kill kill kill ah HAHAHAAA
  • "don't purchase enhancements or powers besides blink", blink is given to you blink 2 is PURCHASED. bone charms are NOT purchased so they obviously aren't going to mess it up. runes are used to PURCHASE items so spending runes = bad Don't PURCHASE any of the following: Enhancements: 1. Vitality 2. Blood Thirsty 3. Agility 4. Shadow Kill Powers are: 1. Dark Vision 2. Blink - level 1 is FREE level 2 is PURCHASED (level 2 blink = bad) 3. Rat Swarm 4. Bend Time 5. Wind Blast 6. Possession
  • if it's not on the above list, it's ok ;)
  • My god you guys have your knickers in a twist over this one. 1 - Easy way = Make the achievement description "Complete the game without spending any runes." 2 - Borderlands and Borderlands 2 fucking rock. Don't like it, go back to COD. At least BL and BL2 offer something different. 3 - This game is brilliant. Bethesda at their best again. Anyone who thinks this isn't worth more than one playthrough, especially given how fast the campaign can be completed, is nuts as a monkey. Merry Xmas!
  • I did this one while trying to also do ghost and clean hands.
  • I found this best to do on the first playthrough with doing high chaos, going for the second playthough now and planning on getting clean hands and also ghost and shadow and low chaos, then will get two play for the third time to mop up the rest
  • Laughing at the same question being posted multiple times. People really need to read all the comments before they post...
  • I basically did a speed run to get this. It is actually fairly easy to get if you are patient and know the game very well. I constantly would lean to the side to check if enemies were near and I ran through most of it, ignoring coins and most enemies. I even managed to get the low chaos ending.
  • Easy, don't ever level ANYTHING up.
  • I loved this game, but I feel like this achievement alone lowered the quality of the game. When you are not using all of the awesome stuff in the game to get an achievement, why put that awesome stuff in? I realize you don't have to go for it, but why put it in there unless some people will go for it!
  • I agree
  • Loved this one. Did it with low chaos, clean hands, no alerts. Very fun being a sneaky bastard ;)
  • damnit, I purchased Blink ll. now I need to start over. whop whop whop
  • I am about to start my second play through of this game and I will be focusing on this achievement and also the "Clean Hands" achievement as well as a few others. I'm glad I came on this forum and read some of it's users advice because I probably would have bought Blink II. So thank you very much. Btw, I made this account because of this game. Wish me luck :)
  • I found the easiest way to complete this was not to pick up and bone charms or even ruins. I barely upgraded my weapons and only used blink; as the achievement describes; but I was also trying to go for clean hands, shadow, ghost, and specter WHICH i completed will going for this achievement. Needless to say they designed to game for those who want to run through it and not get bone charms. The only part that I found tricky was when I was on mission 6, trying to get the broadcasting tower without being noticed or killing was hard without the upgraded blink... the balcony you get up to for the room with the safe and the open door to the actual station is extremely tricky and took me a couple tries to jump. I sorta sprinted and jumped; even though there was a chair and table that blocked me;
  • I did this without bone charms but apparently they're ok. you can buy and use any equipment and tech upgrades you like, improved optics, boots, ammo, whatever. You can collect runes and charms but do not ude the runes to boost any powers, not even blink.
  • #46 - ya kidding!? That mission was a breeze to do a ghost run with lv 1 blink. Go up the water lock, use the vent to get out onto the pipes, then hug the rightmost edge of the level until you climb the guard tower. Enter the main building through the vent and use blink to climb the chandeliers to the bedroom.
  • Playlist of my low chaos walkthrough guides Using these walkthroughs will unlock multiple achievements: Clean Hands Ghost Poetic Justice Shadow Mostly Flesh and Steel Specter Faceless Surgical Just Dark Enough Vanished Well Mannered

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