Rogue Achievement in Dishonored

  • Rogue



    You assassinated 10 unaware enemies

    How to unlock Rogue

    High Chaos

    This should be happening pretty frequently while you are going for High Chaos level, and is quite a low requirement for the achievement. Just assassinate enemies by sneaking up behind them and pressing . You cannot reload your checkpoint and kill the same enemies. They do not stack between saves.

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  • Sneak up behind an enemy undetected and press RT to perform a lethal takedown. Do this 10 times and the achievement will pop.
  • This just unlocked randomly as I was leaving Slackjaws after giving him the safe code. Very strange.
  • Damn high chaos plays...
  • Got this in a low chaos playthrough, oddly enough while ground-stabbing weepers who I had definitely started.

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