Faceless Achievement in Dishonored

  • Faceless



    After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone

    How to unlock Faceless

    This achievement will pop after completing the first real mission (assassinate Overseer Campbell) if you are going through at least a Shadow playthrough.

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  • I found that after beating the game the easiest way to do this is load the very last mission and do it that way. I got this one and specter that way.
  • This one is strange I complete the last two missions without alerting anyone, the second from last some eniemies did have the white markers around their heads so I assumed alerting anyone meant an enemy can't see you at all. (Thought it could of just meant red markers) Last mission I did that but no achivment I guess it's something to do with knocking people out and where the bodies are even though I did hide the unconscious bodies. Any clues?
  • Completed this easy on 'The Loyalist' after a replay,
  • I did this for sure, the stats confirmed it and i still didn't get it. Anyone know why?
  • So are you allowed to get the white bars or not?
  • I had 1 alert bar a few times and I still got it
  • Being alerted means the red bar, and them coming to attack you. Having one or two white alertness bars over their head is fine (from what I've experienced so far, anyway)
  • This achievement popped after I completed "House of Pleasure", but it shouldn't have. I alerted the shit out of some people! Has this happened to anyone else?
  • Playlist of my low chaos walkthrough guides https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1kdPdVXIVNHT5AIWYo3rZBDAelt_SP9B Using these walkthroughs will unlock multiple achievements: Clean Hands Ghost Poetic Justice Shadow Mostly Flesh and Steel Specter Faceless Surgical Just Dark Enough Vanished Well Mannered

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