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    You made others kill 5 of their own allies

    How to unlock Manipulator

    For this you need to purchase Possession rank 2, and bend time 2, which will void Mostly Flesh and Metal, so do them separately (or save prior to doing this). Get into a firefight and just as you are about to get shot, bend time, possess another enemy, and walk them in front of the bullet and then jump out of the body with . Repeat that 4 more times.

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  • this sounds like its going to be fun...
  • I just got this one by putting a guard in between me and an officer. The officer will try to shoot you but will end up hitting the guard.
  • #2 is right...just takes very good timing in getting a guard in between you and an attacker
  • You can get this in the very beginning right after you blow up the doors to the prison. Before you jump into the water, guards will keep coming from where you came from. There is an officer with them that will stay in the back of the melee and keep shooting. The tough part is holding out in the combat till he kills enough of the regular guards. Just keep holding block so you don't get killed. I also got "Cleaner" here.
  • I got this one by knocking out guards, then I pick them up and effectively use them as "meat shields" LOL lots of fun
  • I found the easiest way to get this is to use the rat swarm spell in a group of enemies, one of the gaurds should get there pistol out and start shooting. Hopefully he will hit and kill one of the other enemies while he is aiming at the rat swarm. Hell of a lot easier than trying to line up two enemies in the hope one of them gets killed by the other.
  • I got this one realy easy, just replay the sixth mission. After climbing up just murder everyone inside the building, (note: DO NOT KILL ANYONE OUTSIDE) Then go outside the building on through the right door. Rewire the wall of light and go back inside. Then set off the alarm and with a bit off good luck a guard will walk into the wall of light first, stopping the officer. If you ring the alarm long enough and keep the wall of light between u and the officer he will shoot new coming guards without hitting u one single time couse off the wall of light.
  • #8 very interesting, i'll have to give that a shot
  • This one is actually a lot easier than you'd think. You need Bend Time 2 and Possession 2. Wait till someone fires a projectile at and activate Bend Time. Then Possess an enemy, not the one of fired the shot and move into the line of fire before the bend time wears off.
  • Easist done on the first mission. Grannyrags ask you to poison the Brewery the thugs all have moltovo's. As yopu go to Slackjaws office you crawl undernath an area where no thug can follow and you are protected. Agro all the thugs and get there now watch them commit suicide and kill each other.
  • Easist done on the first mission. Grannyrags ask you to poison the Brewery the thugs all have moltovo's. Go to Slackjaws office you will crawl into it this is an area where no thug can follow and you are protected. First Agro all the thugs in the brewery, get to the office. Now watch all those thugs commit suicide and kill each other.
  • Another good, do this against the thugs who breathe fire. Sleep dart one of them. While he is still standing, you get him stand betwwen you and another thug
  • I popped this without doing anything... walked into the Old Port District and this just appeared. Must have had something to do with the wall of light in the previous district, but I have no idea what happened.
  • Got this by accident coming out of the doctors house on the balcony, second mission. Had knocked out a couple of guards on the street in front. Three guards walking along see bodies then suddenly start shooting at nothing. Funny as hell.
  • Got it using rat swarm in return to the tower and one officer wasted all 5 people singlhanded just awesome cheers #6
  • I used another trick in the Boyle mansion to get this achievement. I rendered five guards unconcious and piled them in the whale oil closet. Then I added a couple of whale oil tanks on top like cherries on a murder sundae. I then fired off a few bolts to aggro the remaining guards. Note: make *absolutely* sure not to kill anyone since the game can only handle five bodies in a confined area - if you kill anyone or knock them out, one of your five guards will despawn. After that it was just a matter of crouching in the back and wait for the fireworks. Eventually one of the angry guards shot a tank and made it explode, blowing up all of his friends hehe. *Blip*- Achievement Unlocked. It was fast and very easy. Way easier than the whole bending time and possessing people to marc
  • Just go this on the second run through. +1 on #4's suggestion. Just after blowing the prison door, confront the group of guards. Hold down the RB button to constantly block and just maneuver yourself so that a soldier is always between you and the shooting officer. Quick and easy.
  • I'm pretty sure my game glitched, because I got this achievement by shooting weepers with sleep darts. It was after I assassinated Lady Boyle; there was a building with them inside.
  • #19 is not a glitch. Weepers have a damage aura so knocking one out near another one with a swarm will end up killing it. Thus the spot recommended in the guide for Hornet's Nest and Tempest (side bldg chp 5 high chaos) makes for a really easy no prep way to get the achievement. Just charge in, bend time if you have it, and sleep dart 5 of the 6 and it will pop. If you have the crossbow reload and sleep dart upgrades it takes only a couple seconds.
  • No possessiion or bend time needed, just position yourself so that enemies with pistol will shoot and kill meele ones. Someone should update this achiev.
  • Wouldn't the possession skill work? just go into one of the guards bodies and then get killed...
  • I didn't try for this at all on my first playthrough, and as I was walking around on mission 7 it unlocked. No idea how
  • /#12. Good shout my man.
  • Got this on mission 8 easily. All u have to do is first, kill the tallboy that's walking around the pub. Then run around alerting guards in that same area. When they start shooting at you, make sure there's a guard in there line of sight to eat the bullet.
  • This popped for me in the return to the tower mission...Pretty sure I just got this for fighting the front person in a group with a sword and people in the back of the group trying to shoot me with a pistol but hitting the person I was sword fighting.
  • randomly got this while trying to bunch guards together for Tempest they kept shooting each other :P
  • just go into an area with weepers and sleep dart all of them except one, and have that one guy walk over the sleep-darted weepers, this will instantly kill them and is the easiest method
  • Ok, I just confirmed that watch towers do not count as kills towards this achievo. If you posses them, stand behind them, and then let the watchtower shoot and kill the guard it does not count.
  • I got this through normal gameplay during a high chaos playthrough. I was trying to get four guards in the same area for Hornets Nest, and this popped due to friendly fire.

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