Harm's Way Achievement in Dishonored

  • Harm's Way



    You caused 5 unintentional suicides

    How to unlock Harm's Way

    High Chaos

    Powers Required: Possession and possibly Bend Time

    This is a bit of a tricky achievement. You must kill 5 people by making them suicide. There are only a couple of ways to do this. The popular method has been on Mission 5 while at the party. There is a Wall of Light there. You must possess the guard guarding it and walk him into the bathroom (make sure no one is in there of course). Knock him out. Now go back and you can possess the various guests and walk them towards the Wall of Light. Right before you get crossing, quickly release possession so that they stumble and burn to ash. This is your sure-shot way to getting the achievement, as some people say guards/thugs count on different Walls of Light, but others claim it isn't unlocking that way.

    Alternate Method: If an enemy is shooting at you, bend time so that the bullet is in mid-air. Now possess the enemy that is shooting and stand him in front of his own bullet.

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  • anyone know anything about this one?
  • you have to get 5 guards to unintentionally kill them selves.
  • ^ No way.
  • Possession on 2, and run in an Ligthing-Fence!
  • at Boyle mansion during the party, save first, then begin by killing the guard that prevent magic, after that you just possess 1 guest after another and stand near the light wall and release them so they get killed by passing it. might have to kill a guard or 2 if they are in the way or might have to possess a guest twice if they ran away too far. oh and the 3 Boyle sister, don't bother they get through the light wall unarmed... then you reload and continue with your mission :)
  • @5 TY for that finally got it
  • I made a guide w/ voiceover commentary here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvcU7EGJh44&feature=youtu.be This is easy to do during the Boyles' party, but you must have Possession level 2 unlocked. Make sure to have at least 5 mana potions ready. You can find extras downstairs in the kitchen or upstairs in the bedroom. Rewiring the Wall of Light to electrocute guards hasn't worked for me. The maids and Boyles are immune, so don't possess them. Good luck, this is one of the most fun Achievements in the game!
  • So I've done this method. Threw twelve guards into a Wall of Light, however the achievement did not pop up. Anyone else that has gotten it a different way tell me. I believe it is glitched unless making ppl walk off a cliff to their doom isn't suicide, idk what is...
  • How Do I get'em to shoot themself? I let them Fire, bend time, possess the shooter, walk in front of the bullet, leave the victim and then unpause? The bullet goes right threw them and they bends over and vomit...
  • Btw, cant get the Achievement by throwing them into the wall of light.. glitch? Sry about the double message..
  • It's the guards that are the problem. I went to the light house and threw nearly every guard into the wall of light and it would NOT pop up. So I went to lady boils party and did the same thing with the big wall of light to the guests NOT the guards. It popped up right away. Im assuming that you can not do the wall of light trick with the guards
  • it's not a suicide if you rewire the wall of light then have guards go thru it, you have to use the GUESTS at the boyle mention and NOT rewire the wall of light. also you can have guard shoot themselves but it is a pain to stop time just as they fire then possess them and place them in front of bullet.
  • I think this cheeve might of glitched on me :(
  • Tried it 5 times now.
  • Wow, that was a lot harder than these posts implied. I did the method of using the guests at Lady Boyle's party. Killing the magic blocking guard, as suggested above, is not a viable option. By doing so, all the guests run away and you are left with less than 5 cowering around the mansion. Tried it a few times, and same result every time. So, with that option denied, I went the sneakier route. Keeping myself to the sidelines, I would quickly possess a guest that was near the Wall of Light and could make it there in one possession. In order for the two guards in the room not to see me, I placed the possessed guest in the far corner beside the WoL, behind and at an angle to the guard. Upon exiting possession, I immediately sheathed my weapon. It worked about every 2 out of 3 times.
  • Use stop time and remove the two guards in the lobby.. Kazzam, license to suicide :)
  • I'm not too sure about this one either. There was one instance in the Dunwall Tower level, where I was walking down the hall, turned the corner, got spotted on my left, and on my right there was a guard walking down the hall with a canister of whale oil on his shoulder. He saw me, got spooked, and dropped the canister, which blew up and killed him. I think these may be a mix of random happenings and stuff you can do yourself. I didn't get this one yet, but the situation in itself was hysterical.
  • Verification: Taking control of a guard and walking into water (which kills the guard) does not count.
  • i did this at lady boyle's party. i tried to do the sneaky way but kept getting caught by the guards which then scared all the guests away. so what i ended up doing was, going on the belief that i was gonna get caught anyway, i jumped up on the first statue in the lobby (to the left, looks like a whale or whatever) then blinked myself onto the grand staircase. the WoL only goes up so high you can blink over top. i ran up the stairs drew the guards to me, hid in that little bathroom and took them out one by one. when it was over i hoped downstairs and ya, some guests were scared and gone but there were still plenty left around to suicide. i chose the men over the women as they seemed to move faster under possession. good luck everyone, its a lot harder than you'd think!
  • It's funny, now that i've been hunting achievements for a while i can just read the description on one like this and right away know it's broken somehow...
  • Do as said above but because after 1 or 2 ppl every guard is after you, run to the left and left and there is a small toilet hide behind the door and just kneel and kill everyone who comes in. There should be enough guests left to kill once all guards are dead
  • Boyle's manor the wall of light downstairs is the best place to do this achievment. If you Bend Time you can take out the overseer and the other guards beside the wall of light. Now put there bodies in the closet with the controls to the alram and wall of light. Without alerting the entire mansion and all the guests. Only guests with masks on can be killed unintentionally. The Maids and the Boyles do not die from the wall of light. The guards don't count.
  • Boyle's manor the wall of light downstairs is the best place to do this achievement. If you Bend Time you can take out the overseer and the other guard who has a key beside the wall of light. Now put there bodies in the closet with the controls to the alarm and wall of light. If any more guards come repeat. Without alerting the entire mansion and all the guests as you suicide them. Only guests with masks on can be killed unintentionally. The Maids and the Boyles do not die from the wall of light. The guards don't count.
  • Boyle's manor the wall of light downstairs is the best place to do this achievement. If you Bend Time you can take out the overseer and the other guard who has a key beside the wall of light. Now put there bodies in the closet with the controls to the alarm and wall of light. If any more guards and I would also get rid of the maids in the same place, as more come repeat. Without alerting the entire mansion and all the guests as you suicide them. Only guests with masks on can be killed unintentionally. The Maids and the Boyles do not die from the wall of light. The guards don't count.
  • A small point but as more than one person expressed frustration at the issue I'd like to point out that "throwing" guards into a wall of light (I'm guessing they mean with Wind Blast) is not suicide. That's murder.
  • I once had a guard winding up to throw a grenade at me and I shot him in the leg with my crossbow. He dropped the grenade which promptly blew him to smithereens. Suicide, no?
  • @ #5 THANK U THANK U THANK U LOL Thevonly thing I think u forgot was to add that u need to use bent time to slow down the guards from attacking & from the guest from leaving after I did that got it in 2 minutes thanks again for the tip
  • Another way; (You just need "Possess 2" & 1 Rewire Tool for this method). - Upon entering the mansion go straight to the "Whale Oil Room" (On your right as you enter) and disable the Alarm. (It is the alarm that scatters the guests.) - Now head upstairs via the stairs in the far opposite corner off the mansion (Next to the Banqueting table). - Start killing guards / making a noise and lure as many guards upstairs as possible and eliminate them. - There should only be 3 - 5 guards left downstairs at this point. Move down and eliminate them (Try to do so "out of sight" of the guests to avoid spooking them further) - Once complete you should have around 6 - 8 guests left to choose from! Easy.
  • I just did this at the Boyle Party but by the Stop Time --> Possession technique to stand the guard in front of their own bullets. It's probably what the developers had in mind. :p Alot more fun than shoving people into a fence.
  • YAR! I did send 7 guards to walk the plank to a watery grave and got no achievement....
  • Having trouble assassinating the two lobby guards? The easiest way to assassinate those two lobby guards is to have Shadowkill active and then use a glass (found at the cider fountain) to distract the attention of the guard stood closest to the Wall of Light. Just smash the glass on the floor behind him and he'll turn, then go and kill the second guard whilst he isn't looking. The second issue I had was the bloody maids that have a stupid patrol pattern because they kept catching me... I solved this by spamming 'talk' to one of them until the coast was clear so they stay in place, then assassinating her. Rinse and repeat for any other maids that interfere.
  • I was having trouble doing this using the guests at the party. In the end I fried one guest then saved done another and saved, i walked the guests behind the guard and stood in the corner un possessed and saved. it was really easy this way as if it went wrong trying on another guest I just loaded the save. Hope this might help some people.
  • To add to my above comment I didnt kill any guards.
  • Aw nuts! I suicided at least a dozen guards and civilians but thought i had to rewire the WOL. Guess it wont work on rewired walls. Guess I'll need to replay this mission again.
  • For me, I had to point them directly at the sparks on the far left of the wall of light at Lady Boyle's. It also took closer to 10 guests
  • FYI: If you rewire the Wall of Light, exiting a possessed party guest in front of the WoL and causing them to stumble into it will not count as an accidental suicide. It counts as a normal kill.
  • I ended up unlocking this completely by accident. I was in Sokolov's mansion (going for the painting), got into a fight with the guards, and it popped. I think they were being harmed by the music box overseer, but I'm not sure.
  • Doh, wrong achievement. Ignore me!
  • Wanted to stab guard when he was lying on the ground, turned out he was in focefield, wall of light killed me, achievement unlocked, lol
  • I tried this at the Boyle's party with the guests, but unlocked the Manipulator achievement instead?
  • I found the bullet method easier ; right before going to Kinsparrow, buy as many magic potions from Piero, once on the island you'll have plenty of guards to do it and plenty of magic.
  • Yes do it on mission 5 at the party. DO NOT rewire the wall of light. Use normal guests.
  • Not THAT easy. At first I rewired the WOL and tried it with guards, but that doesn't count. And when I tried it with guests and no rewiring, I couldn't find 5 guests because apparently they all disappear. You just have to be lucky enough to have 4 more guests sitting down instead of running away.
  • On Mission 4 - bridge, confirmed having guards fall into the water (they stagger as you leave possessions, same as WoL trick) does NOT count. Having guards drop off ledges to their deaths from falling also does NOT count. This achievement should be worded, "kill 5 people in a non-rewired Wall of Light", as that appears to be the ONLY way to get it.
  • Party, pickpocket the key from guard by wall of light, disable the alarm, possess women first if you like and save after each one. Might get two before guards freak out. Shoot organ grinders in the face so you can use magic, use crossbow on other guards. Use blink to get around faster. Possess men when guards are after you cause they do move faster. You can only use guests with plain masks.
  • tried the stop time and bullet method but that was too difficult for me. the house guests at Boyle party was a quick and easy method though, got it first try. just make sure u quickly kill the overseers with the music boxes
  • @#47 I need major suggestions on this one.. the main issue I am having with doing this at the Boyle party is that when I go to kill the overseer with the music box... all the guests freak out. So basically, they all run away and I am left with 3 people huddled in the room close to the wall of light, but then I am screwed bc it's either there are NO guests left or they are scattered SO FAR and possession doesn't last long enough. This one is driving me NUTS.. everyone makes it look so easy
  • This is a very specific achievement. It obviously must be done in one place. Many places in the game I have possessed guards and had them stumble into water or high places and it did not unlock, even with 6-7 of them doing so.
  • Few years on I've found a much simpler way! Throughout the game, there will be masked enemies (Overseers) who will throw grenades at you. Once the grenade hits the floor in front of you, immediately stop time and possess the enemy who threw it. Now LT just next to the grenade so he stumbles into it. Boom! This can be done on any mission, I got it on Mission 9. Saves going back to Mission 5 to unlock it.
  • Did this at Kaldwin Bridge (I think the rooftop assassins in the Flooded District would also work well). Just possess a guard, sent him over a high enough ledge and before he hits the ground, leave his body.
  • @51: Did the fifth guy right after my comment, apparently this method doesn' t work. Did it at the Boyle Mansion with the Wall of Light.
  • Sounds like I'm having the same problem everyone else is. I killed 4 enemies with a wall, then made a guy fall after finding Sokolov. I'm kind of wondering how one could have the reflexes to stop time in the space between a bullet leaving the gun and it hitting you. Maybe you can just activate / deactivate really fast until you nail it? To 50: oh, good idea. I'll probably have to try that.
  • ^^My last comment- it's actually not too bad to freeze the bullet. It seems like once they get past a certain point in the shooting animation they'll still shoot if they're 'frozen'. I got the hang of this eventually, but kept reloading before I finished because I always ran out of remedies. I've found some new charms that should help though... But if you try to to use the bullet, remember to not get close to the bullet during bend time, or it'll start moving like normal again.
  • At the Boyle Party, have Freeze Time and Possession Level 2. If your keep time frozen while possessing the partygoers, the guards won't have enough time to react or attack by the time you suicide 5 guests. At the same time, the guests won't have enough time to run away. You should probably have as many mana potions as possible.

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