Inhabitant Achievement in Dishonored

  • Inhabitant



    You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period

    How to unlock Inhabitant

    Once you have at least Possession rank 1, find a huge swarm of rats (pretty common later on), possess one of them via , wait for him to die, possess another, and keep going until the achievement pops. Make sure you have a good amount of mana potions beforehand as it will require about 9 rats to achieve. The period in which you must possess is accumulative. You do not have to do it for 3 minutes straight (it is impossible anyways). This can be done on animal targets at level 1 and human targets at level 2.

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  • possess a rat and stay in the tunnel for 3 minutes. only way i found to do this, have to try with a fish now :)
  • You can do it with a fish in the Golden Cat. Once you're into the main outdoor area (with the gazebo/cage thing - if entering from the hotel) you can go left, down some steps and down to the waters edge. You can then possess a fish and travel though a "fish tunnel" to get inside the building. Hang around in the tunnel long enough and when you exit the tunnel into the building the achievement will pop.
  • Trying out rat tunnel trick to see if it really works...
  • Yes the rat in the tunnel works but remember the achievement won't unlock until, you leave the tunnel. I got this later in the game when you have to escape from somewhere .no spoilers . But the best way out is to take control of a rat, so waited in the tunnel for over 3 mins, and it didn't unlock... But when I left the tunnel walallaa
  • 3 Achievement in 1 video !
  • not that i have a problem sitting in a tunnel for 3 min, but can you get this achievement popping in and out of people and animals and using up all your manna potions? just curious
  • @7 - I've tried doing that twice now and I had enough mana potions to last for about 5 minutes - it didn't pop either time. Could be because I used the same person and you can't repossess them right away - they need to finish being sick. So maybe if I had 2 people and switched it would have worked.
  • @JeffMomm(#8) CONFIRMED - As long as u have 2 people to switch to as soon as the other one ends (instead of waiting for them to stop being sick) - I did it in the spot where #2 I possessed the fish went through and u come out in a room with 2 girls doing make-up & I just keep going back & forth I did it with 7 mana refills - but I just wanted to confirm #8 - waiting in a tunnel is easier and only uses half a mana lol but it was still fun
  • Another easy way to do this using the rat tunnel system is at Lady Boyle's party. Just use possession on the fish in the beginning to get into the cellar of the house. Then once in the cellar just open the gate door with the switch by using blink to get onto the beams. then go through the door, and up the steps to find 2 maids. go back down to possess a rat with the welcoming host charm on. go back onto the stairs. take a right past the maids and there should be a tunnel there.
  • Easy, the party level. Possess a rat in the 3rd Lady Boyle room and stay in the tunnel for 3min.
  • I can confirm it's cumulative. I did it with all rats(no humans) over several levels, not jumping from rat to rat.
  • Tried the fish and then more rats and didn't pop, ran out of mana as well. Loaded again and stayed in a tunnel as a rat, popped. Shitty achievements.
  • You can just stay in a tunnel!? I assumed after a while the possession ends and you'd be killed, Duke 3D style. Oh well, cool, off to do this now.
  • by far the best way to get this chevo is to posses a rat and run him into a hole, stay in there for 3 mins, wen u exit this will unlock.
  • Not sure if this has anything to do with an update or so... But I died in a rat tunnel as my possession ended while being in the rat tunnel..
  • Not sure if this has anything to do with an update or so... But I died in a rat tunnel as my possession ended while being in the rat tunnel..

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