Hornets' Nest Achievement in Dishonored

  • Hornets' Nest



    You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow

    How to unlock Hornets' Nest

    For this you will need either Bend Time or Bend Time 2, and Crossbow Reload Speed so your Crossbow automatically reloads after each shot. Once you have that, head to the Lady Boyle's Last Party mission and head across the river via the bridge, and into the building that is next to where your boat landed. On the bottom floor of this building, under the staircase, you will find a group of 6 Weepers just hanging out and waiting to be killed by you. Once you find them, use Bend Time and aim for the head of at least 4 of them.

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  • WTF, how is this even possible LoL, looks great can't wait to play it.
  • freeze time, shoot 4 arrows, then unfreeze.
  • #2 This or explosive arrows maybe?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDBstzcm5yU
  • Ah explosive arrows sounds much easier why shoot 4 when you only have to shoot 1 or 2
  • @2 you are right thats how i got mine purchase stop time find 4 enemies and shoot arrows at the 4 enemies to kill. but be careful not to touch the arrows you shot or the will go flying into enemies and may cause you to not get the cheeve
  • do it at the Boyle mansion party, should be able to do easy as the guest die easily. and if you are patient, you might get 6 of them close enough and do the 6 kills in 1 sec there too. also in mission 7 towards the end you have to break some plank to get through then run in near your escape hatch where you have to hold X for it to open and 6 weepers will run in. stop time and shoot :)
  • ... This isn't unlocking for me. I got the Tempest(6 kills in 1 second) with the crossbow, but this didn't unlock?
  • Knock out 4 guards, carry and place them in a row and then use slow time to kill them all with head shots.
  • I got the 6 in 1 sec with crossbow at boyle mansion during the party but it did not unlock the 4 in 1 sec so i did it where you pick up your gear after you are betrayed. next to your stuff, 4 or 5 weepers will just be standing there, blink down there from the chain, grab your stuff, stop time and shoot them. There i got the 4 in 1 sec.
  • I did it at the Boyle party aswell seems the easiest place to do it
  • I loaded into a save and just rounded up 4 enemies with sleep darts. I laid them all side by side...heads as close as possible. Froze time shot my four arrows and had time to spare lol
  • I got this after putting the guards to sleep with the arc pylon in "The Loyalists". You'll have plenty of guards to choose from. Just line em up, freeze time, point and shoot :)
  • Use the summon rat power in an area with quite a few guards. Watch as a bunch of people swarm in to help their buddy getting attacked. Then shoot an explosive arrow into the chaos. Easy. :)
  • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j766UxBPh9A Here's a helpful guide
  • ^^^^ remove the m before youtube if watching on a laptop or desktop sorry i didn't notice till now
  • #14, innovative, well done
  • I found the building on the right side of the boyle party before u enter the mansion was the easiest for this one & 6 kills in 1 sec - I only had slow down time shot 4 arrows & killed them - then reloaded slowed down time & cooked a granade then threw it perfect 6 weepers waiting there to die lol
  • Easy after seeing the tips above. Thanks
  • Video-guide to get the achievement Hornets Nest. For this we must kil 4 enemies in less than 1 second with a crossbow. We level up Blend Time to lvl 2 and use it to make it easier. I show how to do it in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWJb4WPWc9Y
  • Very easy, Thanks
  • A good place to get this is when abducting Sokolov, a squad of four guards appears in the alley on the route back to Samuel. Use freeze time 2 and headshot them easily.

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