Speed of Darkness Achievement in Dishonored

  • Speed of Darkness



    You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second

    How to unlock Speed of Darkness

    For this you will want to have Blink and Bend Time; Once you have slowed time, simply Blink and run for the duration and the achievement should pop. Note that it doesn't have to be a straight line, I went in a circle, and some people have reported doing it vertically.

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  • Blink!
  • Anyone think this is a reference to Speed of Light?
  • very easy. through up bend time then blink twice. sprint in between blinks. can be lvl 1 blink and lvl bend time
  • You just need level 2 Bend Time to get this. You can blink if you want, but sprinting will work by the time Bend Time deactivates.
  • Yeh just bend time and run/blink in a straight path until you get it
  • @4 I got this with level 1 bend time and level 2 blink. Bend time, drink an elixir to refill your magic(or whatever it's called) then blink/run until you get it.
  • I got it only using blink and sprint.
  • I got this in the mission with the water lock. Stopped time and fell down it. Fun and easy achievement.
  • #9 i've tried this method 3 times in return to the tower's waterlock and it won't pop for me. i've tried from the top of the railing and from the open part of the roof. i bend time then fall... nothing
  • I got this by accident during a "no power-up" playthrough. On the last mission, when Samuel begins to sail away, jump on the boat and stay on it with him. You will sail into the distance and the boat will begin to sink into the water, but it doesn't count as swimming. The boat will stop then "ba-ding!". Weird glitch but handy if you're not using power-ups.
  • I got blink and bend both level 1 and I just bend, blink blink blink until it pops.. reload.
  • Video-guide of Dishonored to get the achievement Speed of Darkness. For this we need al least 5 runes. Level up blick to level 2, and Blend Time to level 1, which we will be able to do in mission 2. First we'll use Blend Time and then use Blink quickly once o twice to get it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7149gpQA-c
  • Got this one fighting daud on my no power playthrough. He will raise his hand and slow time. Just ran after him when he teleported out of the room and the achievement popped. Didn't even know what it was for a second.
  • Hmm got this on the last level without bend time and blink!!! After the boatman (whas his name again)? Drops you off, simply blink into his moving boat BEFORE he mives off shore so be quick. Then simply wait until yer out of game boundary and... voila! Corvo will automatically die though asyer out the map.

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