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  • Tempest



    You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second

    How to unlock Tempest

    High Chaos

    Required Power: Bend Time 1 (Bend Time 2 suggested)

    You will need this power to gain this achievement. This will require you find 10 runes to have it upgraded to 2. You must have 6 enemies on screen and they must all basically die at once. There are likely several ways to kill them and different scenarios that it works, but below is the best method I found while playing the game.

    Below in the video, there is perfect spot to perform this action. This is of course if you have a High Chaos level because more weepers appear. During Mission 5, you will be on your way to the mansion for a party. After crossing the bridge where the tallboy enemy is, take a right and then a left down the street. You will come to building that has a bunch of stairs leading up. At the bottom on this floor are around 6 or more weepers bunched up. Kill them while in Bend Time (using 2 grenades worked like a charm).

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  • I'm assuming that this will be done with some kind of explosive
  • My geus is as seen in one vid that he uses the teleport option and takes out enemies realy quik. We just have to wait and see.
  • I'm thinking Bend Time will affect the "less than 1 second part". As for the weapon, you could strike your sword against the wall to gather enemies close to you, use Bend Time and throw a spring razor mine. Those things kill good. Or a grenade. Or get them near a battery filled with whale oil and shoot that with your flintlock pistol. Lots o'choices :)
  • Get 6 enemies together. Use bend time. Fire 1 crossbow shot at each target. Un-bend time...
  • Bend time will solve everything! xD
  • bend time and cook a gernade :]
  • i didnt even use bend time just find 6 guys cook gernade and throw. if you save right before you can keep reloading and trying if you dont get it the first time.
  • @#7 could you help me out with where you managed to get 6 guys together. I have tried to find some spots but can't ever get them to stay together. Only 2 maybe 3 guys will ever chase me, the rest just kinda stand around.
  • choke out 5 gaurds. stack them onto each other. put springrazors down. attact another gaurd's attention. laugh.
  • @#9 I done the exact same thing but with Grenades.
  • Video guide w/ voiceover commentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENSF-Kd7jhA&list=UUtfdGE-pNN4IY3zqPQ_AsQQ&index=1&feature=plcp Unconscious enemies are easier to kill than awake ones. The second to last mission w/ Piero allows you to put all enemies in the area asleep. Just pile them up, and work your magic. This is also a good time to get Hornet's Nest if you haven't already. #9, your way rocks too. I believe that will also get you Manipulator.
  • They will not let you knock out 6 guys. I'm on "The Loyalist" and whenever I knock out the 6th guy, one disappears from my pile of 5. I'm gonna try piling them up after using the arc pylon like MyHyperplasi suggested.
  • Oh yeah, that worked. Put them in a literal pile and topped it with a cherry (sticky grenade) Ha ha. That is soooo evil.
  • at the start of mission 8, unlock the doors and lock on the street. there will be a lot of enemies. so, grab pistol and shot to the air. they will run close to you. but they cant go upstairs ( reason is simple - no stairs ). hide arround the corner and wait for 6 enemies. when they are 6, slow the time, throw 2 grenades between then and un-slow the time. achievemnt unlock :) sorry for the english
  • I did this in the sewers after granny rags (mission seven) alot of weepers if you slaughtered your way thru,then gather them around the stall whilst standing in top and bend time 2/crossbow.
  • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j766UxBPh9A Here's a guide that may help you and me
  • ^^^^ remove the m before youtube if watching on a laptop or desktop sorry i didn't notice till now
  • Just get to "The Loyalist" mission at the pub and put everyone to sleep, then get a pile of six people, put a whale oil tank from Peiro's workshop, save, and shoot the tank. Then, if achievement is gotten, just reload, freeze time, and set 4 arrows in front of their faces. I did this technique for versatile as well.
  • @ #11 and #13 i used your methods... no trouble at all! it was like building a small bonfire with bodies :)
  • i've got the same problem than #12: the 6th corpse always disappear. i've finished the game once, i'm going for the "silent" trophey, i'm in the "water city", with Daul. i'll try the tip with the machine at chap 8, hoping it'll work cause i've got no other idea, except luck while playing...
  • indeed this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEI-xDBMLMU&feature=youtu.be is great i managed to get "tempest" and "harm's way" in no time despite i've been trying for hours with some other ways...!! thanks for the link Globku !
  • I got this achievement by killing four people (I was obviously not attempting to get it). I'm 100% certain there were only four targets when I used my grenade (reloaded several times to get all four in one hit), so this one is glitched, but in a way that favours us >_>
  • You can only have 5 unconsious bodies in a single place at any one time. Makes sure 5 unconsious bodies are in an area near to where more alive enemies are. These 5 unconsious bodies must not be stacked on top of each other prior sapce them apart until all 5 are gathered. Then pile them up place springrazors on top of the pile. Now fire the pistol and wait, boom achievement couldn't be easier.
  • I've gotta say the easiest way for the tempest achievement is load up the loyalist level then use the Piero and Sokolov's machine to knock everyone out. Then just stack them and hold a grenade til it explodes. There are about 10 guards so you won't have a problem.
  • I Just got this at the Loyalists Mission. When you get the choice of having the Arc weapon Kill all enemies - or put them to Sleep- Select put them to Sleep. Then when the Arc has knocked them all out - collect sleeping enemies and Make a Pile of them outside the workshop( or wherever you like .... and stick a sticky Grenade on them - Boom !! this Kills the whole snoring pile of them :o)
  • I found the building on the right side of the boyle party before u enter the mansion was the easiest for this one - I only had slow down time then I cooked a granade & threw it -,perfect 6 weepers waiting there to die lol
  • I found it hard to knock out 6 enemies because when I was on the abduct Sokolov mission, I knocked out 5 guys, then went to get another and when I came back there were only four. I think that after 5, they despawn if you go too far #26's method seems to be the easiest though I did it differently.
  • Here's a fun way to do this on mission 8. This is an amalgamation of other strategies posted here. you will need: x5 sleep arrows, dark vision (at least lvl 1) bend time lvl 2, possession lvl 2, explosive (grenade, whale oil canister, etc.) Go to your old room where it says emily currently is. You'll see at least 4 guys in there. Bend time and sleep arrow all of them. Go downstairs and you'll see two more guys in the house. Sleep arrow or nonlethal takedown one of the guys and take him back to your room. Put them all into a pile and go back to the last man standing in the pub. Possess him (this may take multiple possessions to get him all the way there) and get him to the Roofie loft where you used to sleep. Step out of possession and throw/shoot your explosive. This is especi
  • cont. This is especially devious and satisfying if you position it so that you can see Emily's monolithic drawing of your mask watch the fetish explosion.
  • If you guys are doing this one using Piero's Arc Pylon to knock everyone out, make sure you don't use the Tall Boys, as their armour protects them from explosions, so they won't die from grenades or whale oil canisters blowing up.
  • best way to do this wait till mission 7,when you make the choice to burn everyone or put them to sleep choose put them to sleep. Then grab six bodies line them up,slow down time and shoot them with your crossbow
  • Exactly, just get 6 - 7 followers, get them in a nice tight group and then bend time, and throw two grenades =D (remember to get out of the way)
  • My own way was to use: 1. Time Bend then Wind Blast, it took less then a minate. as seen at: http://youtu.be/x_F-7jaDxp4 2. Time Bend and use 6 crossbow bolts to weepers/guests heads (I'll post a video of this for the 4 crossbow etc..) 3. Time Bend then call up as many devouring swarm lvl 2 beneath enemies as possible. 4. Time Bend have agility maxed and shadow kill max as well as swift shadow bone charm then cut 6 people down quickly may help to have whirlwind charm for additional speed. 5. Time Bend then Blink into enemies particularly weak ones can usually be killed by the assasin crashing through them.
  • Another good way on the Boyle mission is if you get an alert and all the guests go down on their knees.. Find two together then just choke four more and carry them to them, or five over to one (but if you have already taken Boyle out, she is a permanent body), then drop a grenade next to them. Done
  • Got this in Return to the Tower. I knocked out five guards and stacked their bodies in the Regent's bedroom at the door to the hallway. I then loaded the bodies up with springrazors, armed the pistol, and shot the door down. Guards came running to the room, reached the bodies, got cut to ribbons. Tempest!
  • I knocked out 5 people and lured the 6th over and blew em up with a grenade
  • Almost the same as #37. I threw a grenade at a bunch of weepers and I got the achievement.
  • This is a perfect place if your looking for the tempest achievement too i did tempest and hornets'nest one after other i just did a save before entering the house i used a grenade for the tempest achievement there's 6 enemies in there just make shure you put them togheter activate the time spell and trow a grenade right into the middle of the enemies simple as that, just have a few tries and you can make both achievements in this scene :)
  • @#14 Thanks for the tip worked easily.
  • Mission 2 - after talking to SlackJaw in the distillery, when you exit the building but not the zone, there are 6 weepers in the courtyard. Run around making some noise and they will all follow you in a group. jump up to the first horizontal vent, slow time (i had level 1) and throw a grenade. BOOM! Achievement unlocked.
  • @31 - I was coming to post about this. Mostly because these stupid guards seem to be able to sleep through hand grenade attacks. I completely forgot about the Tallboy armour - thanks for the tip!
  • Video-guide of Dishonored to get the achievement or trophy Tempest. For this, first me must make sure we have 10 tranquilizer darts and select mission 2. We must gather together 5 enemies with explosive barrels and lure a 6th one to blow up it and get rid of them. It doesn't matter if we die or not. we'll get the achievement anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWkn31hJg8c
  • One of the more difficult achievements for me to have gotten. I guess the spot in the video is quite obviously the best place to do it at.
  • its so hard to get this achievement anywhere else, i cant get 6 on one screen ever, ill have to go back to the mission on the video.
  • There aren't 6 weepers for me in that spot in the video, only four or five
  • In the mission shown in the above video try to get to that area without killing or knocking out anyone, because everytime I killed or knocked out someone then there were only 5 weepers in that area, but when I got there without killing or knocking out anyone there were 6. i even went back multiple time doing the same thing and there were always 6. Once there bend time and hit them with a couple of grenades. Achievement unlocked immediately.
  • An extremely easy way to get this one is right after you've escaped the flooded district and you've arrived back at the Hound Pits pub. Get the blueprints for Piero's Arc Pylon and have him put everyone to sleep. Simply make a pile of 6 (or more) sleeping bodies and blow them up with a grenade. I couldn't believe my eyes but it actually worked!!!
  • I tried what #48 suggested and although everybody in the pile would be dead, the achievement didn't pop. Must be a bit glitchy? I eventually got this by laying down the unconscious guys in a line, using Freeze Time and quickly shooting them one by one with incendiary bolts. I actually felt quite guilty...
  • I agree with comment#26 just make sure you use Bend Time 2 to get around the enemy so you don't kill any of them before you get to the arc. Save your game before you throw your sticky grenades. When the cheevo unlocks, load your saved game and do the Hornets Nest cheevo using the crossbow. It might be easier on this cheevo to carry four of the unconscious ones and put them in a separate pile. I did the first cheevo on the first try but it took three or four tries on the last one.
  • I just got this with only time bend 1. I thru the grenades a little before me so the would run info them coming after me. Took a few tried
  • I was having a helluva time with this achievement. I had tried replaying mission 8 and piling up the unconscious bodies, but even piling up 7 and tossing grenades would kill them, but not pop the achievement. The room of weepers in mission 5 (?) never had enough for some reason, even with high chaos. What worked for me was the very beginning of mission 8. As you leave the safety of the old apartment there are a few guards and a tallboy. Grab one of the group of wine bottles and toss it at the tallboy, making sure he sees you. Duck back in to the apartment and grab another bottle. a small group of soldiers will gather around the base of the broken stairs. I'd run out a couple times to get spotted, make some noise by throwing the bottle, and duck back in. I was able to get 8-10 soldiers t
  • There is an extremely simple way to do this probably on any of the missions; knock out 6 or more enemies, pile them up and chuck a couple of grenades on them. Just did this at Boyle party; started a fight, went into a room where there was a chock point through a doorway and then sleep darted the guards as they came in. Once enough where there out cold I dropped a grenade on them and the achievement popped. A similar method might well work for the Hornet's Nest achievement but I can't test that now as I already had it.

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