Merchant of Disorder Achievement in Dishonored

  • Merchant of Disorder



    You acquired 15 equipment upgrades

    How to unlock Merchant of Disorder

    There are a total of 27 equipment upgrades (7 of which are only unlocked upon finding the blueprints). These range from pistol, gadgets, and armor upgrades. Normally you must buy one version and then will unlock others. You can start upgrading with Piero whom is met as part of your main objective in the game. You will have access to him from time to time, mostly inbetween missions. To gain money in the game to actually purchase these, you have to collect money and items in the game by picking them up (looting). You may also pickpocket enemies or loot their bodies. Just make sure you keep an eye out for things you can grab as well. Paintings are worth a lot of money if you are picking them up in your run (see the Art Dealer achievement description for locations). Also, during Mission 5, you will be in a mansion and can loot all of the guests.

    Suggestion: You can buy all of the cheapest upgrades to get to your 15 and then reload your game. That way you aren't stuck with things you don't want.

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  • Even though it specifically states "equipment" upgrades, it also includes weapon upgrades towards the achievement completion, so go ahead and buy whatever you can afford. It will pop on the 15th.
  • Makes sense. I am hoping you can make enough money in 1 run to purchase all upgrades without multiple runs. Also semi-disappointed there is no difficulty achievement. I enjoy the skill and challenge of higher difficulties but I like to feel rewarded in doing so not that I got the same 1000 pts as the guy running on easy. Which by the way, makes Clean Hands 100x easier.
  • You definitely make enough money to buy 15 upgrades in one playthrough. As to making enough to buy ALL of the upgrades; I'm assuming it's possible depending on how diligently you look for loot... All the glorious loot!
  • Bought EVERYTHING and didn't get the achievement!?
  • Get as much cash as you can. Take high-value items by burgling rich people's rooms in the Hound Pits and throughout the game. If you spare Pendletons brothers, there will be gold next to Corvos bed. Visit Piero whenever you can. He doesn't need to be standing in his workshop to buy from him for example you can still buy from him after being drugged, and when rescuing him and Sokolov.
  • I don't even have 15 equipment upgrades to purchase. wtf???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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