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  • Art Dealer



    You collected all the Sokolov paintings


    How to unlock Art Dealer

    There are a total of 11 paintings you must find. There is no in-game hints or tools to use to grab them. There are also many paintings in the game, and not all of them you can grab. They are specific ones. You should with no doubt, grab these while you are going for your High Chaos level playthrough (killing everyone). This is because the last painting is missable if you don't meet and do missions for the characters Granny Rags (Mission 2) and Slackjaw (Mission 3). You will get a key to an area during Mission 7 you would not get if you had not met them.

    Follow THIS GUIDE to find all of the paintings.

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  • I'm gonna assume you have to get this while your doing your full playthrough while not missing any paintings because I missed one painting and went back in mission select to get that painting and while every mission shows I have all the paintings the achievement still hasn't unlocked for me. : /
  • #2 Same here I gotta do another playthrough collecting these things -_-
  • so much gay i have to go back and play through again now. 5th time
  • I think it's like the Clean Hands chieve. All I had to do for that was redo the mission I messed up on, then finish out the game again and it unlocked. Might be the same, might not.
  • I also think there's a glitch involved because I know I ganked all 3 paintings from chapter 3 (the art dealer's apartment) but the game is telling me I only got 2.
  • You HAVE to do this in one playthrough. There is no going back once a mission is completed to get this achievement. Most easily completed on a High Chaos run.
  • Does anyone know if I can still get the painting in Granny Rags' little hideout in the Flooded District mission if I didn't do her previous missions? I heard that there will not be a confrontation between her and Slackjaw if you don't complete their other missions.
  • Ok here is the low down. I went to mission select and played from mission 2 to mission 7. During this time I collected all the paintings and did all the side missions. I got both side mission achievements and this the painting achievements. @#8 you have to do all granny and slackjaws previous missions. This is how I did it exactly.... Start mission 2 do all of grannys missions in that level then collect the paintings in that mission. Proceed to finish the mission and continue to mission 3. Do slack jaws first mission. Then go to him for the next(the art dealers mission). Go get the art dealers safe combo. Set Emily free then got collect the paintings. after you have all three paintings(in the art dealers house/safe. Take the code back to slackjaw. Continue playing and collecting
  • In missions 7 near the end get to granny go collect the last painting and achievement unlocked. Then SAVE YOUR GAME. Next talk to granny do her last mission and get her achievement. Then reload. Don't do grannys mission instead do slackjaws last mission and get that achievement.
  • You MUST complete the Granny Rags missions on Mission 2 along with Slackjaws missions on Mission 3. If not, you will not be able to get the last Sokolov painting on Mission 7. On Mission 7, once you are in the Dunwall Sewers, you will find a route into where Granny Rags and Slackjaw are. Otherwise, all other comments can help you with the Sokolov painting locations as I did. You will get the achievement immediately after getting the last painting and do not need to finish the mission. You do although need to play through Missions 2-7 in one play through in order for it to work, thus not allowing to selectively replay missions after you have completed the game.
  • I can confirm that if you don't do BOTH of the side missions, you won't be able to reach the Granny vs Slackjaw showdown. I did Slackjaw's side quest on Mission 3. Then I reached the sewers in Mission 7, the path to Granny's Slackjaw buffet was blocked. So you do need to do both. I was doing it on my Clean Hands run and didn't want to do her side mission because it involved fighting the thugs at her door and poisoning the elixir.
  • so dumb that mission select doesnt work for these stupid collectibles.
  • Went back and replayed the missions where I didn't get the paintings, then found out you aren't allowed to do that -_-
  • In Mission 5, the painting in Lady Boyle's room was missing. There was a painting there put it was not one of the ones to pick up for the achievement. this also happened on my last play through. anyone have a solution?
  • Same thing happened for me as #16, I'm gonna assume it's because this is my second playthrough and I collected it on my first time, but I can't know that for sure.
  • #16 I believe that the picture is in the attic (through the tunnel above the bedroom door). I'm reasonably sure I found a picture up there on my first play through, but it wasn't there on my second, so I think it was the same picture (not 100% though)
  • So, replaying the missions you missed doesn't work? I agree with #14, mission select is useless.
  • ok iv done all grannys and slackjaws went onto level 7 done that then reached dunwell sewers where the last painting and gate should be open for me to get it but it is still there is there anything in the level i need to collect to open that secret rout to meet granny and slackjaw
  • Oh the paintings....
  • I don't mind these collectibles, but I just wish they didn't make 1 missable collectibles.
  • Video-guide to get the achievement Art Dealer. It consists in getting the 11 paintings that are hidden through the game. Some of them are missable and you must do some specific acts to get it. I leave you a Timeline with all the details. Timeline in the video description

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