Occultist Achievement in Dishonored

  • Occultist



    You collected 10 bone charms


    How to unlock Occultist

    There are many Bone Charms throughout the game, but you can find your first 10 in the first two levels of the game by simply equipping the heart via and observe the location of any runes or charms on your screen. The locations are only visible in the area that you are in, so if you go through a loading screen into a new area, be sure to use the heart first and foremost to see if you will come across and charms. This will unlock during the Golden Cat mission if you didn't miss any charms.

    • Mission 1: 0
    • Mission 2: 5
    • Mission 3: 5
    • Mission 4: 3
    • Mission 5: 2
    • Mission 6: 2
    • Mission 7: 8
    • Mission 8: 0
    • Mission 9: 0

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  • Probably in the top 3 easiest achievements for the game. Use the heart, pick 10 up. I got 7 or 8 by chapter 3.
  • actual USEFUL collectibles, unlike those stupid paintings.
  • The assassin pack dlc charms count towards the 10 needed.
  • @2 Those paintings give you money which is useful. If you have the Void Walker's Arsenal then you'll get this just by picking up the bone charms in your room since the DLC contains 12 charms.
  • any one still playing this game...I am unsure if high or low playstyles change the story and items found but I played low and just as soon as I woke up from the blink tutorial I was in a room with over 10 charms.
  • yea was on the loyalists mission so..... I started the game, escaped the prison, got on a boat went to guy you see right away..you end up meeting the guy who makes your gear go to bed while you sleep you learn to use blink right after that I found over 10 charms after waking up.

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