Regicide Achievement in Dishonored

  • Regicide



    You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

    How to unlock Regicide

    High Chaos

    During Mission 6, your target is Lord Regent. You have a chance to kill him from afar a few times and even when he is in his room. If you are in high chaos, however, he will likely not stick around. He will flee to the roof where you must go to confront him. Kill him in any way to get the achievement.

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  • I wonder if you can get this achievement and the "clean hands" achievement in the same playthrough
  • Save before...
  • So, I was playing this mission and decided to do the non lethal approach for Regent. But before I played the audio card, I went around the mansion and explored, grabbed some runes and coins, along with health elixir and mana elixir. And I happened to rewire the electric wall right in front of Regent's chambers. But I played the audio graph and when I was walking down the stairs, I saw Regent being scolded at by two officers, they proceeded to take him down stairs, but before they could, they had to walk through Regents chambers again and since they did not know about the wall of light, Regent walked right into it and desinigrated. It said I had killed him, when 2 minutes before that by the audio graph it said I had neutralized him. I already have both achievements regarding Regent. But is
  • it possible to get both with this method? I am sorry for the long post!!!!
  • What i did was, I did the Nonlethal broadcast way, and then went downstairs saved and blinked up behind him when he was in the hallway with the two guards then reloaded because im working on my clean hands playthrough.
  • killed him with a sticky grenade :p

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