Resolution Achievement in Dishonored

  • Resolution



    You completed the game

    How to unlock Resolution

    Play through every mission however you see fit and come out victorious in the end. This will pop as soon as you save Emily a second time. Story related and unmissable.

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  • Dont get it! Bug?
  • Game is too short for a bethesda game
  • Complet the game 2 times ... no achievement ... there are so many achievement bugs in the game! Wait for an update!
  • i got it but playing offline :)
  • Great game but short
  • Just finished the game and got this cheevo so I guess the bugs have been sorted. All in all this is a great game. Although I thought the end was a bit of an anti climax, all I had to do was stand at the end of the gangway and put the guy to sleep then save Emily.
  • Can't wait to beat this game it is rather hard for me to stay low profile so sadly ill probably get the bad ending

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