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    You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker

    How to unlock Back Home

    Occasionally Overseers (the masked guys) will throw grenades at you, which you can pick up with and throw back with like a traditional item you can pickup and throw. You may want Time Bend for this to make it a bit easier. The achievement can be a little glitchy, so try and kill the guy by getting a direct hit with the grenade, which seems to work 100% of the time.

    In mission 2 is a great place to do this. After entering Holger Square you have to help a trapped guy named "High Overseer Martin" (cannot be missed). Right in front of him is a normal Overseer. Just make some noise and run around until he throws a grenade at you.

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  • Is there something wrong with this one? I've done this multiple times to no avail.
  • is it actually killing the guard or is he getting back up
  • Load the last mission, disable the rocket thing in the middle by removing the whale oil, then make your way to the left of the map where the electric gate is. Equip crossbow and kill everyone without a mask on. The ones with masks throw the grenades. Soon as you see him throw the grenade, bend time go up to the grenade and press X wait a fraction of time and throw it back at him RT and it will explode and send him Back Home
  • maybe you gotta catch it mid air. yeah.
  • No, all wrong. Well except RichieA but you have to look diectly at the grenade that was thrown press X, it will tell you "press X to carry". Throw it back at the Overseer that threw it at you. Only overseers throw them.
  • @3 do you mean on the last level?
  • Here you go :) Enjoy, and happy hunting!
  • #6 i believe he does, but it doesn't have to be the last mission, like #5 said, just find some overseers, but chances are by the last mission you will have the bend time ability unlocked which i think is required for this or at least will make it a lot easier.
  • #6 Yeah mission 9 from mission select I picked this mission because you can get straight to it after the cut scene.
  • I've done this one multiple times without it unlocking. It seems to be glitched for me. An overseer will toss a grenade my way so I freeze time using bend time 2. Then I throw it back at him and he turns into little gibblets. No achievement.
  • If playing on the hardest difficulty like I was. It is practically impossible to kill an overseer with a grenade, as it doesn't kill them off a single hit. It is best to get fighting with a group of 2-3 damage them with the pistol first. If the grenade bounces off a target when thrown it will kill one of the 3.
  • so, this cant be done by freezing time?
  • I froze time and picked up the grenade and dropped it in front of the overseer, died but didn't get the achievement. You must take care to actually throw the grenade not just drop it or hold it.
  • So essentially, when they throw the grenade, slow time and pick it up and cook it for a bit and throw it back, all during the slow time. Took a couple tries because the grenade moves as if it weren't stopped by time at first.
  • Is it only overseers that throw them??
  • This glitched for me
  • Not working on Knife of Dunwall dlc
  • Video-guide of Dishonored to get the achievement Back Home. For this near the end of mission 2 we'll find an enemy only with the skill of throwing grenades. using 2 runes we'll learn Blend Time skill. Use this skill when he throws it to catch the bomb and give it back, and we'll have the achievement.
  • How come whenever I throw it back and it explodes on them, it doesn't work? Do I have to physically kill them with the grenade, not the explosion?
  • The easiest way to do this is mission 2 in Holger Square because there are no other guards, just the one Overseer. Every time he throws a grenade at you be quick to pick it up and throw it straight back at him, if you have Bend Time, this will be a lot easier for you. I knocked him down with a couple of grenade blasts but, when he finally died it popped the achievement instantly.
  • which button do u press on 360 ????
  • Video Guide Hope it helps.

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