Big Boy Achievement in Dishonored

  • Big Boy



    You killed a tallboy using only your sword

    How to unlock Big Boy

    High Chaos

    A tallboy is an enemy in a machine which is very tall and lanky. You start seeing them in Mission 5. You must use "blink" to get up to where the human's head/neck is and assassinate the enemy. It is a good idea to do this using the Bend Time power.

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  • easy cheeve did it first time i saw 1 simply get close to one and use blink to get next to or on top off the guy controlling it and rapidly tap the RT to assasinate
  • I did this on the Boyle Estate Mission, I was on a ledge higher than a Tall Boy and performed a drop assassination on him (from above press RT as you fall on top of him, button prompted)
  • Ye just use blink up to it unseen and assassinate them
  • Ye just use blink up to it unseen and assassinate them
  • That is how i did it too. I just blinked up to him and assassinated him and pop was the achievement...
  • Thanks for the tips, I used blink and then assasinated them, worked great
  • Also works if you ahve the double agility jump, can just jump up and RT
  • You just have to use blink to get up near his back, then attack.
  • thanks for the tips. I found theme helpful and I was able to take out the first tallboy in the mission where you have to eliminate the Lord Regent Hiram Burrows. I got up on the building, froze time, jumped on the tallboy and took him out in slow mo.
  • You can do a Drop Assassination on a Tallboy if you are up high enough, and it will trigger the achievement.
  • I also got this by doing the drop assassination
  • Blink is not needed at all to get a few others have said you can just get higher then the tall boy and do a drop kill on him..... I did that on mission five there is a building on the left side of the river which has a lighting rig next to it and a few weepers on the inside...(also the same building holds a rune and a bone charm) On the other side of the building should be a tall boy on patrol. All you have to do is get to a vantage point and jump on him and hit RT at the right time.... Not sure if he is there during a low chaos run as I did this during my high chaos run.

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