-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1250: 20-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 playthroughs
-Number of missable achievements: Many, as mission replay is utilized terribly. The stats don't carry over, such as things you collected.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: Ghost, Shadow, Clean Hands
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : No

  • The Knife of Dunwall
    • Estimated difficulty: 4/10
    • Approximate amount of time to 220: 5-15 Hours
    • Glitchy Achievements? None!
  • The Brigmore Witches
    • Estimated difficulty: 6/10
    • Approximate amount of time to 220: 5-15 Hours
    • Glitchy Achievements? None!

In Dishonored, you play as Corvo, a former bodyguard-turned-assassin who is hell bent on eliminating the men who dishonored him and sent his home city into chaos. Your journey will carry you from the depths of Dunwall's Coldridge Prison, to the flooded, and plague infested streets of the city's destroyed sectors, and everywhere in between. Every step of the way you will encounter fierce resistance from regular City Watch, to powerful Overseers, and even plague-ridden citizens now called Weepers. You have one goal, save the Empress and eliminate the men who imprisoned you, as well as anyone else who stands in your way, by whatever straightforward or subtle means necessary. With the help of the powerful, otherworldly being known only as "The Outsider", and the aid of a few freedom fighters, you must accomplish your mission at whatever cost. Even as the odds continue to stack against you, the assassin will emerge victorious.

Step 1: Playthrough Low Chaos
In this playthrough you will be stacking Ghost, Clean Hands, and Mostly Flesh and Steel. What does this mean to you? You will not be killing anyone. No one will know you were there because you won't ever be alerted. They may find knocked out bodies but that doesn't hurt any of your achievements. You also will only be using Blink as a power and won't be upgrading it or buying any other powers or enhancements. You can upgrade weapons and use Bone Charms if you want. Go through the game aiming for anything marked as "low chaos" in the guide below. Just remember, you have to have a clean playthrough on every mission. You cannot use mission select. If your mission stats screen after you finish a level says you were detected or killed someone, you will have to hit replay mission from that screen. Make sure you save a lot and good luck! This is technically your "hard" playthrough. It's also the longest and somewhat boring at times.

Step 2: Playthrough High Chaos
Finally, the real fun begins (my opinion of course). Now you can upgrade your powers, kill everything in sight, and loot what you want without needing to be sneaky. Read through the guide to find the achievements marked as High Chaos to see what ones you should mostly focus on. There are others to worry about that can be done in high or low, which are not marked at all.

Dunwall City Trials DLC

Normal Trials:

Initially, you must play through 10 normal difficulty trials, giving you a small taste of what is to come, while probably testing your patience quite a bit as well. During this time you will want to grab the collectibles for Mrs. Pilsen's Remorse as well as a few achievements that have special requirements, such as beating the train in Train Runner for Assassin vs. Machine, singlehandedly defeating 13 waves of enemies in Back Alley Brawl for By My Hand Alone, getting a 150m+ drop assassination in Kill Cascade for Long Way Down, Time Management for a perfect Bend Time Massacre/Kill Chain run, Natural Talent for completing Mystery Foe using no supernatural powers, Daredevil for completing all special jumps in Bonfires in one run, and finally Headhunter for 100% headshot accuracy during Assassin's Run. While these can be finished on Expert as well, it is highly recommended you get them out of the way on Normal.

Expert Trials:

As you two star (or three star) some of the trials, they will unlock an Expert version which has added parameters, making the trial more difficult. Of the 6 trials, only Burglar has an associated achievement (Rare Collector), which must be completed on Expert. Aside from that, constant practice will be needed for most/all of the trials in order to three star them for the Void Star achievement, granted you have also 3-starred all of the normal trials. Once you have that out of the way, you're done with this DLC.

The game is technically very short, but because of the achievements the game will last a lot longer. The mission replay is sad and gives no reason to visit Dishonored again after completing the achievements. It's not a difficult game by any means. What makes the difficulty a 6 is the attention you have to pay in order to get them. Overlooking one alert, or a knocked out guard falling a few feet and dying can mean another playthrough. That's not fair when you should be able to just play the mission over right? Not that it is very tough, but that compared to other games, you must research and be extremely careful while playing not to mess anything up.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 and Shiftie for this road map]


DLC: The Knife of Dunwall

The Knife of Dunwall DLC plays much like the original game as far as abilities and missions. There are 10 achievements with a total of 220. The minimum number of playthroughs required to obtain all achievements is 2; once as a Low Chaos (stealth) playthrough and once as a High Chaos (violent) playthrough. Although these achievements are not too difficult, some require patience.

Low Chaos Playthrough: 
Done correctly, you should be able to pick up 7 of the 10 achievements in your first playthrough. Just Business and Missing Pieces are both story-related. You will want to avoid being seen by anyone throughout all missions to grab Whisper Ways, and avoid killing anyone for Cleaner Hands. Purchase all Favors available in the menu section for each mission for the Well Connected achievement. For Stone Cold Heart, you have to make your way to the last room on the fourth floor of Barrister Timsh’s estate and talk to the statue. Finishing the game through this playthrough will get you Redemptive Path for completing the game in Low Chaos.

High Chaos Playthrough: 
For this playthrough, try to kill as many people as possible. If you attach an Arc Mine to a rat during any point in the game and it results in a kill of any kind, you will get the Rats and Ashes achievement. Performing a drop assassination from the top of the Empress statue outside Daud’s Hideout will give you Message from the Empress, and you will receive the No Regrets achievement for finishing the game in High Chaos.

[x360a would like to thank MeltingBalloons for this Roadmap]


DLC: The Brigmore Witches

Welcome to The Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored! This DLC includes three new missions as well as one short very interesting "pre-mission" which I counted as a mission throughout the achievement guide. Overall, the DLC is no harder than any of the others and for the most part has the same copy and paste achievements that were in the previous The Knife of Dunwall DLC as well as on the achievements on the standard part of the game. However, the "Enough Coin To Disappear" achievement asks for a very time consuming play through the game because it requires you to finish a Low Chaos playthrough with 10,000 coins left at the end. I will explain in more detail in the achievements description, but this is where having The Knife of Dunwall DLC can come in handy. Since this is the second part of the story right after The Knife of Dunwall left off, you can continue your Low Chaos playthrough on there over on this DLC, and your left over coins from there will transfer making it much easier to collect 10,000. There are six technically "missable" achievements including, "Deal Maker," "Silence Is Golden," "Cleanest Hands," "Enough Coin To Disappear," "Parting Shot," and "Wall of Flesh," so pay attention. This will also require at least two playthroughs to collect all of the achievements, one Low Chaos playthrough, and one High Chaos playthrough. With all that said, good luck and have fun!

Low Chaos:
When you run through your Low Chaos playthrough, it will save you a lot of time if you go through it doing more than the bare minimum (killing >20% of the people). There are achievements for not being detected by anyone, not killing anyone (including key targets), and for completing it with a low chaos rating. However, there are only four missions and the first one is painfully easy and short. At the end of each mission make sure there are check marks on your mission stats for never alerting anybody, and for not killing anyone. There is also an achievement for finishing a Low Chaos playthrough with 10,000+ coins, so this may take a while considering there are only 10,700 coins in this DLC total. You can however make this slightly easier and I will explain in more detail in the achievement's description. Some tips include always looking for alternate paths, and staying on roofs as well as taking the low path through water, if you are trying to bypass people in the sewer for instance. Having the Slow Time and Blink powers fully upgraded can also be of great help. Remember to only choke people out unconscious an hide their body if need be. You may end up having to do two or three of these playthroughs, but it is possible to get all of the Low Chaos achievements in a single playthrough.

High Chaos:
This playthrough should be easier than the low chaos. Start up your high chaos playthrough using any weapon you want and understand that you can be seen by anybody, and you can kill anything that moves. If you did a Low Chaos playthrough first, you can do a power run through this if you remember where everything is and it shouldn't take long than about two hours. Just remember that before every mission you need to purchase all the favors to make sure you get a total of eight for the "Deal Maker" achievement. This is also the place to find a place to get the "Wall of Flesh" achievement, just remember you need six runes to unlock what you need to do it.

Overall The Brigmore Witches has about the same copy and paste achievements from the previous, The Knife of Dunwall DLC, with only a couple unique achievement. It is very straight forward and nothing should be hard other than scavenging around for 10,000 coin in a low chaos playthrough. The DLC has a very good story and it is a great ending to Daud's story. If you have Dishonored I recommend not only this DLC, but The Knife of Dunwall as well, since this takes place after The Knife. If you achieved all ten of these achievements then congratulations!

[x360a would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this Roadmap]

Dishonored Achievement Guide

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There are 80 achievements with a total of 1640 points

  • Thief



    You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

    You can do this throughout the playthrough by going into sneak mode () and tapping when you're behind someone with a glowing purse on their hip. This total has to be actual coins, it cannot be items that are valued at X amount of coins. You will easily get this achievement by Mission 5. There is a big party and you are able to walk around freely stealing from everyone. No one cares and in fact some joke around and think it is funny.

  • You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

    High Chaos

    This achievement has had some people become frustrated. It is believed by some that you must kill human enemies only. Here is the list of weapons you must use. My opinion is strong to say that killing with any blade is fine. This is because there is an Overseer Blade and an Assassin's Blade. Both of them are found in the Flooded District but not both of them can be obtained at the same time. Also, there is a dueling pistol during Mission 5 that you can only shoot during a duel while completing a side objective. I also do not believe this is required.

    City Watch Sword - This is obtained in Coldridge Prison right after you escape.

    Corvo's Folding Blade - Automatic and is what you use almost the full game

    Overseer Blade/Assassin's Blade - These are found in Mission 7: The Flooded District but cannot both be equipped, therefore my conclusion they are not part of the list.

    City Watch Pistol/Corvo's Pistol - You will find this in the prison and beyond, extremely hard to miss. Corvo's pistol is just the upgraded City Watch pistol.

    Upgrade: Explosive Bullet - This is an upgrade that is only obtained when discovering the required blueprint. You buy the ammo and it is a separate icon than regular bullets.

    Necessary Blueprint locations:
    (Note: Picking up a blueprint with multiple locations, will make it disappear from all locations)

    Mission: House of Pleasure
    Item: Incandescent Paste; Incendiary Bolt Blueprints (Location 1)
    Location: Use the valve-controlled door located within the Distillery to reach the blueprint

    Mission:Lady Boyle's Last Party
    Item: Spiked Grenade Housing; Sticky Grenade Blueprints (Location 1)
    Location: Before entering the Mansion through the side entrance (which enters into the main hall and staircase), take a left and enter a side door into a guard's room to find the blueprints on a table.

    Mission: Return to the Tower
    Item: Small-Scale Combustion Refinement; Explosive Bullets (Location 1)
    Location: Once you're inside Dunwall Tower, check the rooms on the second floor, and you will find this in the General's office.

    The Flooded District
    Item 1: Spiked Grenade Housing; Sticky Grenade Blue prints (Location 2)
    Location: Inside the Thug's basement with a partially destroyed passageway

    Item 2:Incandescent Paste; Incendiary Bolts (Location 2)
    Location: In the lower level cellar near the exit from the Gateward Tunnels.

    Item 3: Small-Scale Combustion Refinement; Explosive Bullets (Location 2)
    Location: In the crashed railcar you pass by as you exit the rail station, and just before reaching the main area with Daud, and tons of Assassins.

  • Ghost



    You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

    Alerts come when the awareness meter above an enemy's head turns red and they start shooting at you. As for not killing anyone, learn to blink passed enemies, utilize your sleep bolts for your crossbow ( + to the top left), you'll know they're sleep darts because they're green. Also be sure you use knockout takedowns by holding when you're behind an enemy. One last tip would be to hold while you're knocking them out so you catch them as they collapse, otherwise they'll fall to the ground and possibly alert nearby enemies.

    Whenever you finish a mission, it shows two boxes at the bottom for killing or alerting people. You must complete the entire game with both of those boxes checked for every mission. You cannot replay them later, it must be in one playthrough. If you messed up you must replay the level (do not exit the game and try mission select, it does not work). It's obviously best to play this on easy. Some people prefer to be able to upgrade and use powers, while most people wish to stack this, Clean Hands, and Mostly Flesh and Steel together. If you are using a rune you are voiding your achievement. So do not upgrade Blink if trying to stack these achievements.

    Check here for tips on how to get Clean Hands, Mostly flesh and Steel, and Ghost all in one playthrough.

  • Shadow



    You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

    In order to know when an enemy is alert, watch the lightning bolts over their head. Once they are all filled in with white, they will turn red and the enemy will start attacking you. If that happens, reload the last save you have. Always pay close to attention to the detection markers (the lightning bolts) and as soon as you see even a bit of white, hide until the enemy moves on.

  • You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

    Basically, DO NOT purchase ANY powers from the menu. Powers cost Runes, so you have a better idea of what they are, and by don't purchase any, I also mean do not upgrade Blink. Thankfully, you can upgrade your regular equipment, such as your crossbow, mask, etc. Please see "Ghost" achievement description for links on how this is all best accomplished.

  • You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light

    High Chaos

    A Wall of Light is a type of defensive electric wall. These walls are in various missions. You can find/buy a gadget in the game called a Rewire Tool. When you find a Wall of Light, you should see a control panel nearby. Use the gadget on this panel and then get an enemy's attention on the other side to chase you so that he gets electrocuted. You may also possess an enemy and walk them into the wall of light, or throw their unconscious body into it (or carry it through to commit homisuicide).

  • Rogue



    You assassinated 10 unaware enemies

    High Chaos

    This should be happening pretty frequently while you are going for High Chaos level, and is quite a low requirement for the achievement. Just assassinate enemies by sneaking up behind them and pressing . You cannot reload your checkpoint and kill the same enemies. They do not stack between saves.

  • After escaping prison, you completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people

    This will pop after completing the first true mission in the game while going through for at least a Shadow playthrough.

  • After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone

    This achievement will pop after completing the first real mission (assassinate Overseer Campbell) if you are going through at least a Shadow playthrough.

  • You made others kill 5 of their own allies

    For this you need to purchase Possession rank 2, and bend time 2, which will void Mostly Flesh and Metal, so do them separately (or save prior to doing this). Get into a firefight and just as you are about to get shot, bend time, possess another enemy, and walk them in front of the bullet and then jump out of the body with . Repeat that 4 more times.

  • You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination

    When above an enemy, drop down and press when prompted to stab/kill them. This is introduced to you in the game while trying to escape the prison. You cannot reload checkpoints to get these, they must be on 5 different enemies. You will have many opportunities to do this, but be sure to remember that this will void any no-kill achievements you are going for.

  • You played from the first mission through Kaldwin's Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters

    Pops once you carry Sokolov to the boat at the end of mission 4 as long as you have killed less than 10 people over the course of these 4 levels. Guaranteed to pop on a Clean Hands play through.

  • You completed the game without killing anyone

    Low Chaos

    This is a rather difficult achievement. You must avoid the deaths of all civilians, enemies, hounds, and even weepers. It cannot be done by your hands. You should avoid talking and doing missions for Granny Rags, as her wishes are harm against others. Rats and fish are okay to eliminate.

    • Mission 1 Overseer Campbell - Either let him poison the Captain and then choke him out, or follow them into the basement and choke him out.
    • Mission 2 Pendeltons - Do the Slackjaw sidequests and he will offer to take care of the Pendelton twins for you if you get the code to the Art Dealer's safe.
    • Mission 5 Lady Boyle - Search the second floor for clues as to which Boyle you need to capture (it changes). Once you've done that, head downstairs and find a man with rabbit/scarecrow type mask that has random whiskers on it, he'll be wandering around the first floor and talk to you about helping him kidnap his love. After that, figure out a way to get the target into the kitchen so you can knock her out and she can be kidnapped (at least she isn't dead).
    • Mission 6 Lord Regent - Head up to the broadcast tower and talk to the broadcaster who will tell you it'd be a good idea to get the Lord Regents tapes from his safe (935) and broadcast them over the air to dismantle his government from the top down. This will also grant you the political suicide achievement.
    • Mission 7 Daud - Just pickpocket his pouch from him as you go for his key when you finally reach him in Mission 7. This will also unlock an achievement.
    • Mission 7 Slackjaw/Granny  When you see these two at the end of Mission 7, it can get kind of screwy, and the best bet is apparently to just pickpocket the key from Granny and run. Putting her to sleep apparently counts as killing for people who have noticed it.

    Do Not

    • Possess people and get unintentional suicide. This means walking them into Wall of Lights, bullets hitting them from other enemies, falling, etc
    • Rewire anything that will kill guards or other people
    • Kill any main targets. You will have to find an alternate way, described in the game
    • Kill Hounds - they are animals but enemies
    • Kill Weepers - they are technically already dead but don't do it
    • Setting a knocked out enemy somewhere high or near water. If they fall they can still die

    See "Ghost" achievement for tips to also stack Ghost and Mostly Flesh and Steel.

  • You caused 5 unintentional suicides

    High Chaos

    Powers Required: Possession and possibly Bend Time

    This is a bit of a tricky achievement. You must kill 5 people by making them suicide. There are only a couple of ways to do this. The popular method has been on Mission 5 while at the party. There is a Wall of Light there. You must possess the guard guarding it and walk him into the bathroom (make sure no one is in there of course). Knock him out. Now go back and you can possess the various guests and walk them towards the Wall of Light. Right before you get crossing, quickly release possession so that they stumble and burn to ash. This is your sure-shot way to getting the achievement, as some people say guards/thugs count on different Walls of Light, but others claim it isn't unlocking that way.

    Alternate Method: If an enemy is shooting at you, bend time so that the bullet is in mid-air. Now possess the enemy that is shooting and stand him in front of his own bullet.

  • You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period

    Once you have at least Possession rank 1, find a huge swarm of rats (pretty common later on), possess one of them via , wait for him to die, possess another, and keep going until the achievement pops. Make sure you have a good amount of mana potions beforehand as it will require about 9 rats to achieve. The period in which you must possess is accumulative. You do not have to do it for 3 minutes straight (it is impossible anyways). This can be done on animal targets at level 1 and human targets at level 2.

  • You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow

    For this you will need either Bend Time or Bend Time 2, and Crossbow Reload Speed so your Crossbow automatically reloads after each shot. Once you have that, head to the Lady Boyle's Last Party mission and head across the river via the bridge, and into the building that is next to where your boat landed. On the bottom floor of this building, under the staircase, you will find a group of 6 Weepers just hanging out and waiting to be killed by you. Once you find them, use Bend Time and aim for the head of at least 4 of them.

  • You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second

    For this you will want to have Blink and Bend Time; Once you have slowed time, simply Blink and run for the duration and the achievement should pop. Note that it doesn't have to be a straight line, I went in a circle, and some people have reported doing it vertically.

  • You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second

    High Chaos

    Required Power: Bend Time 1 (Bend Time 2 suggested)

    You will need this power to gain this achievement. This will require you find 10 runes to have it upgraded to 2. You must have 6 enemies on screen and they must all basically die at once. There are likely several ways to kill them and different scenarios that it works, but below is the best method I found while playing the game.

    Below in the video, there is perfect spot to perform this action. This is of course if you have a High Chaos level because more weepers appear. During Mission 5, you will be on your way to the mansion for a party. After crossing the bridge where the tallboy enemy is, take a right and then a left down the street. You will come to building that has a bunch of stairs leading up. At the bottom on this floor are around 6 or more weepers bunched up. Kill them while in Bend Time (using 2 grenades worked like a charm).

  • You acquired 15 equipment upgrades

    There are a total of 27 equipment upgrades (7 of which are only unlocked upon finding the blueprints). These range from pistol, gadgets, and armor upgrades. Normally you must buy one version and then will unlock others. You can start upgrading with Piero whom is met as part of your main objective in the game. You will have access to him from time to time, mostly inbetween missions. To gain money in the game to actually purchase these, you have to collect money and items in the game by picking them up (looting). You may also pickpocket enemies or loot their bodies. Just make sure you keep an eye out for things you can grab as well. Paintings are worth a lot of money if you are picking them up in your run (see the Art Dealer achievement description for locations). Also, during Mission 5, you will be in a mansion and can loot all of the guests.

    Suggestion: You can buy all of the cheapest upgrades to get to your 15 and then reload your game. That way you aren't stuck with things you don't want.

  • You collected all the Sokolov paintings

    There are a total of 11 paintings you must find. There is no in-game hints or tools to use to grab them. There are also many paintings in the game, and not all of them you can grab. They are specific ones. You should with no doubt, grab these while you are going for your High Chaos level playthrough (killing everyone). This is because the last painting is missable if you don't meet and do missions for the characters Granny Rags (Mission 2) and Slackjaw (Mission 3). You will get a key to an area during Mission 7 you would not get if you had not met them.

    Follow THIS GUIDE to find all of the paintings.

  • You collected 10 bone charms

    There are many Bone Charms throughout the game, but you can find your first 10 in the first two levels of the game by simply equipping the heart via and observe the location of any runes or charms on your screen. The locations are only visible in the area that you are in, so if you go through a loading screen into a new area, be sure to use the heart first and foremost to see if you will come across and charms. This will unlock during the Golden Cat mission if you didn't miss any charms.

    • Mission 1: 0
    • Mission 2: 5
    • Mission 3: 5
    • Mission 4: 3
    • Mission 5: 2
    • Mission 6: 2
    • Mission 7: 8
    • Mission 8: 0
    • Mission 9: 0
  • After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map

    High Chaos

    You must have 5 people actually pursuing you. They must be alerted and in attack mode. When the game says do not leave the map, it means do not go to a door or area that makes the game load another part of the map you can't visually see. There are plenty of places to get this achievement, just count your guards or allow them to sound an alarm (better yet, sound it yourself).


  • You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived

    Might as well pair this with the Escapist by going back to that group after you flee and killing them all. Obviously most easily done on an easier difficulty, and/or with upgraded weaponry. Once you get their attention, use long ranged tactics to kill them and keep your distance.

  • You escaped Coldridge Prison

    Mission 1
    This will pop after you get off the boat with Samuel, who rescues you from Coldridge. Story related and unmissable.

  • You eliminated High Overseer Campbell

    Kill your target in Mission 2, or alternatively (nonlethal):
    Knock him out and carry him to the interrogation room to brand him. If you are going for the bodyguard achievement as well, you'll need to follow the two men into the basement prior to knocking the Overseer out (this way is a bit harder, but gets you an extra achievement). You will also need to grab a key to the room from a guard nearby (usually in the file cabinet room). Put the Overseer in the chair, grab the brand from the balcony, and then use it on the Overseer.

  • You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This is one of your main objectives for Mission 3: House of Pleasure. Once you get into the Golden Cat (use the high grounds) you will see stairs leading to various levels of the building. She is at the top floor but you must have a specific key to open the door. This key is held by the madam who is walking around nearby.

  • You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician

    Mission 4: The Royal Physician
    You must abduct Sokolov by knocking him out and carrying him all the way back to the boat. The achievement will pop as soon as you get onto the boat.

  • You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

    High Chaos

    During Mission 6, your target is Lord Regent. You have a chance to kill him from afar a few times and even when he is in his room. If you are in high chaos, however, he will likely not stick around. He will flee to the roof where you must go to confront him. Kill him in any way to get the achievement.

  • You brought about the Lord Regent's fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes

    Low Chaos

    During Mission 6, you will be tasked to eliminate Lord Regent. Instead of doing so, you must complete an alternate objective. Go up the stairs and inside the broadcasting tower. The broadcaster will fill you in and give you the mission.

  • You recovered your belongings

    Mission 7: The Flooded District
    In mission 7 when you lose your equipment, a marker will pop up at the beginning of the level showing you where it is. It's a bit out of the way, and possibly unnecessary if you won't be killing anyone anyway, so depending on your run you can skip it if you want and do it on a High Chaos level playthrough. Just remember, it has your Sleep Bolts! Follow the marker and eventually you'll reach the equipment at the bottom of a weeper filled building.

  • You completed the game

    Play through every mission however you see fit and come out victorious in the end. This will pop as soon as you save Emily a second time. Story related and unmissable.

  • You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker

    Occasionally Overseers (the masked guys) will throw grenades at you, which you can pick up with and throw back with like a traditional item you can pickup and throw. You may want Time Bend for this to make it a bit easier. The achievement can be a little glitchy, so try and kill the guy by getting a direct hit with the grenade, which seems to work 100% of the time.

    In mission 2 is a great place to do this. After entering Holger Square you have to help a trapped guy named "High Overseer Martin" (cannot be missed). Right in front of him is a normal Overseer. Just make some noise and run around until he throws a grenade at you.

  • You killed a tallboy using only your sword

    High Chaos

    A tallboy is an enemy in a machine which is very tall and lanky. You start seeing them in Mission 5. You must use "blink" to get up to where the human's head/neck is and assassinate the enemy. It is a good idea to do this using the Bend Time power.


Secret achievements

  • You completed the game in high chaos

    See "Just Dark Enough" for more information.

  • You completed the game in low chaos

    Chaos raises as you kill more enemies, and lowers as you don't kill enemies, and help to save civilians during your missions. You can see where your overall chaos level is by looking at your stats screen after a level, where it will show your total level. This basically means two playthroughs, you're an angel in one and the devil in the other. Either achievement will pop at the end of the post game cinematics, which will alter in regards to your choices in the game.

  • You escaped prison and navigated the sewers undetected

    Good practice for future missions, as you will need to go through the prologue without being detected, and the achievement will pop once you exit the sewers and see Samuel.

  • You completed all the Granny Rags side missions

    High Chaos

    Important: In order to get Granny's final side mission, you MUST meet Slackjaw in Mission 3 and complete his missions.

    Granny Rags is found in Mission 2. Once you get up to the area with a street and buildings, go to the far right corner and you should see her building. She will also be vocal when near her. It is very early on in the level. She has two side missions for you at this time. Complete them and she will be happy. Complete them and you won't see her again until late in Mission 7. While in that mission you will find a thug in the sewers on your normal route to escape the area. He will give you a key which you can use. At the end of this new route, you will find Granny Rags and Slackjaw.


    Complete his mission and you will get the achievement. Reload your save and complete Slackjaw's mission instead to gain the related achievement for his side missions.

  • You completed all the Slackjaw side missions

    High Chaos

    Important: In order to get Slackjaw's final side mission, you MUST meet Granny Rags in Mission 2 and complete her missions.

    Slackjaw is found in Mission 3: House of Pleasure in his Distillery. It is very early on in the level. He has two side missions for you. Complete them and you won't see him again until late in Mission 7. While in that mission you will find a thug in the sewers on your normal route to escape the area. He will give you a key which you can use. At the end of this new route, you will find Slackjaw and Granny Rags.


    Complete his mission and you will get the achievement. Reload your save and complete Granny's mission instead to gain the related achievement for her side missions.

  • You got the Art Dealer's safe combination for Slackjaw, but robbed the safe first

    In Mission 3: House of Pleasure you will meet Slackjaw in the Distillery (there are thugs in front of the door). Talk to him and complete his objective to find his missing thug. He will then want you to go get the Art Dealer's combination. You must go to The Golden Cat (where the twins are you must eliminate). Inside an objective marker will show you the way. Torture the Art Dealer until he gives it to you. You also must make sure you have obtained the key to the Art Dealer's apartment. This key is on his assistant, who is in an alley being harassed. The apartment is located right next to the Distillery where Slackjaw resides. Go into the apartment and to the third floor. Use the combination and loot what you want. Go back to Slackjaw and turn in the combination.

  • You killed Morgan Pendleton with steam

    Mission 3: House of Pleasure
    For this achievement you will need to first get the Golden Cat Master Key by pickpocketing the Madam, who is in her office (should be labeled on the screen) if you're going the silent route for the game and need to exit the building to meet with Slackjaw, save at her office. From there, head to the steam baths, eliminate or avoid the guards and use the key on the gate into the room with the broken steam pipe. Grab the valve from the nearby table and use it to eliminate your target for the achievement. If you're going kill-free for the other achievements, reload your save at the madam's office.

  • You completed the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party

    Mission 5: The Boyle Estate
    Mission 5 sends you into a costume party at the Boyle Estate, where you must find and eliminate your target. Simply don't get caught in off limit areas, don't pickpocket, put your weapons away (hold :xbut), don't really get caught doing anything you wouldn't normally do at a party. If people start to scream and run away from you, you're doing something wrong. The achievement unlocks at the end of the mission.

  • You reached the top of Kaldwin's Bridge

    During Mission 4, you will get to a huge bridge. Just make sure you Blink up to the top of it. This doesn't take very long because you have to climb most of it anyways.

  • You protected Callista's uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow

    When you finally reach the meeting room, there will be two glasses on the table in the middle of the room. Either destroy them both for a nonlethal solution, or switch the glasses so the Overseer poisons himself. If you chose the first option, you'll need to follow the men down to the basement, where the Overseer will show Captain Curnow a painting, and pull out a sword to kill him while his back is turned. That's your queue to move in and take out the Overseer, so Cpt Curnow realizes you're saving him, otherwise he will call the guards. The achievement will pop once Curnow walks off the property by himself.

  • You spared Daud’s life

    Mission 7: The Flooded District
    To spare Daud's life, choose to pickpocket his pouch from him, and steal the key nearby him so you can exit the area, as opposed to killing him and grabbing the key. This achievement will pop once you leave the area via the tunnels you used the key to reach.

  • You deactivated at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island

    Kingsparrow Island is the last mission of the game. There are 3 ways to disable any security system. That is to take out the Whale Oil container, open a nearby panel and rewire it, or to shoot the Whale Oil. Below is a list of the 5 locations you should go for.

    1. As you go up the beach, you will see stairs on the left on some rocks. Go up them and you will have to Blink up to the rotating watch tower. You may need Blink upgraded just in case. Take out the Whale Oil to disable it.
    2. As you progress up the beach, look to your right. You should see a Whale Oil canister. You can shoot it with a bolt or go take it out yourself (or even rewire it).
    3. From the beach go straight to where the water is. You will see a drain above. Blink up to it and once you climb up, go on the left route and rewire or take out the Whale Oil canister.
    4. Go to the opposite side of where you are and you'll find another to do the same thing with.
    5. You will have to continue on for a bit until this one. You will get to a bridge as you head towards the lighthouse. Blink below it on the walkway. Rewire or take out the last canister.
  • You saved Empress Emily Kaldwin

    You will gain this on your Low Chaos playthrough. If you are playing on High Chaos, then you must actually save her from falling. Low Chaos, she is in a room and not in harm's way.

  • You neutralized all key targets using indirect means

    Key targets are the people you are sent to assassinate. The game always provides a secondary way to do things that are non-lethal. Take the non-lethal route for every mission with a key target. There are only 4 missions like this in the game.

    Mission 2: Campbell

    Make sure not to poison or kill Campbell. Instead, knock him out. Find the branding instructions (your objective marker will show you) then take him to the room the game shows you next. You must get the branding iron in the same room and then brand him.

    Mission 3: Pendleton Twins

    You must meet Slackjaw and finish both of his side missions. Once you do so (without bothering the twins whatsoever), he will take care of them in a non-lethal manner.

    Mission 5: Boyle Sisters

    You have to find out which sister is your target (whom is Lady Boyle). They are all wearing the same thing but in different colors. Inside the party, there is a guest who is in love. He does not want you to kill her and will tell you what she is wearing. His name is Lord Brisby. He is wearing a mask and is in the room with a ton of trophy heads from various animals. Talk to Lady Boyle and just choose that someone is going to assassinate her and she will lead you somewhere else where you two can be alone. After that, knock her out and delivery her to a boat.

    Mission 6: Lord Regent

    In this mission you will finally get inside the building that has the broadcasting tower (the voice over the intercom you have been hearing all along). Talk to the broadcaster to get the alternate method of taking care of business. This one is very easy, just steal the audio and deliver it back to the broadcaster.

  • You assassinated an assassin

    In the Golden Cat mission, assassins will start to appear, generally on high perches or rooftops, with skills similar to yours. Sneak up behind him and tap . If you don't get it here, they are also very common in mission 7.

  • You took possession of a fish

    You must have at least purchased this power in order to take possession of a fish. Go into the water or near it and highlight around until you see the cursor change to indicate you can possess.

  • You used a rat tunnel

    You must have at least purchased this power in order to take possession of a rat. You will, at times, see on the bottom of a wall on the ground a small vent. It is obvious that only rats can fit through it. Look for a rat nearby and possess it. Run it through the tunnel to get the achievement.

DLC: Dunwall City Trials

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Find Emily's doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges

    Each challenge has a single doll to find, and it can be found on either the Normal or Expert variation. Once you have the doll you can quit back to the challenge menu.

    You can find a text guide for all of the dolls HERE.

  • Complete all Normal and Expert challenges with a 3-Stars rating

    In order to unlock Expert challenges, you must first complete the normal version of that challenge with at least a 2-star rating. 

    xK Marcus has some video guides for a couple of the challenges, HERE.

  • Get to Wave 13 in Back Alley Brawl killing all combatants personally

    You must kill all enemies on all 13 waves of Back Alley Brawl. They must not be finished off via suicide (hitting a whale oil tank), or killed by any other enemies in any way.

    You can look HERE for a guide by Kohbo, or HERE for tips from Mr Buds.

  • Complete Train Runner before the train arrives at the station

    In order to even complete Train Runner, you need to shoot for about a 36 second completion time(though it varies*), and in order to beat the train, you need to finish about a second/second and a half faster. Do not worry if you are really close to finishing and you hear the trains brakes stop, as there is still a fraction of a second of leeway between when the train's brakes stop, and when you must complete the challenge. Only once you have crossed the white threshold and the challenge complete screen comes up, will the achievement pop for you.

    *The time needed to beat the train seems to vary player by player. Whether that is the games mechanics, or it's a glitch is unclear.

    Head straight from the start, blink to the back right so you can go through the table and end up passed the covered area. Keep going RIGHT, agility jump up to a roof covering a purple lantern area, and blink from there down to the lower area. Jump the small gap (this area has the giant wheels on Expert), then sprint up the slope. Follow the video from here until you reach the train station. Once you reach the station; from the staircase, blink on top of the small structure in front of you, and then blink straight ahead to the roof above the trains tracks that is between you and the finish line.

    You can also check out this great video by xK Marcus.

  • Find all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert

    There are 16 figurines, which can only be found in Burglar on Expert, that must be collected in one playthrough of the challenge. You must also finish the challenge for them to count.

    For a collectibles guide, and a Burglar playthrough, click HERE.

  • Perform a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge

    In order to do this successfully, head through the level however you choose, and as you approach the last 1/3 or so of the level, blink over to the cliffs on the right side, and blink to the tippity-top of the buildings overlooking the drop to the last guy. Once you're at the highest point of the building. Face the raid pillar of light, agility jump by holding  and quickly tap  to blink toward the light. Look down as you fall to make sure you don't land on anything and tap  to when prompted to execute the final target.

    Great video guide done by xK Marcus.

  • Complete Assassin's Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots

    Be aware that enemy spawn locations change from attempt to attempt, so just make sure you keep an eye out for where the civilian is, and where the assassins are. Some spawn setups make the achievement far more difficult than others.

    Awesome guide showing a solid method, and a great glitch/bug. Credit: xK Marcus.

  • In Bonfires, perform all the special combination jumps in 1 round

    To count, the jump must be into a beam of light to get the "Tricky Jump" bonus pop-up, and all 6 tricky jumps must be done at least once without failing the challenge. You can either view my text guide for this HERE.

    Thanks to STLfan2468 for the video.

  • Finish Mystery Foe without using any active supernatural powers

    You are not allowed to use any supernatural powers (including blink) to finish this challenge. Be sure to use the curtains to hide, and note that you can get bonus points for guessing the target before you find all of the kills, with may be worth the risk if you want to just rush the achievement without putting any effort into it.

  • Finish Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses

    Prior to starting this, note that there is a reported bug that may give you the achievement even after you have failed some of the waves. If you are close to finishing, you may want to just finish up instead of restarting, to save some time and hope you get lucky. Also note that you only need to meet the required kills for the round (noted at the top of the screen), and not necessarily kill everyone.

    My full text guide for this achievement can be found HERE.

DLC: The Knife of Dunwall

There are 10 achievements with a total of 220 points

  • You got the information you needed from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse

    This is story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Purchase all of the Favors in The Knife of Dunwall

    At the beginning of each mission, you will be prompted with a menu containing three categories: Purchases, Upgrades and Favors. Simply purchase all items in the Favors category for the first and second missions for this achievement. There are no Favors to purchase for the third mission, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Complete The Knife of Dunwall in High Chaos

    See “Redemptive Path” for more information.

  • Complete The Knife of Dunwall in Low Chaos

    Your Chaos level is determined by the number of enemies you kill in each mission. Killing enemies will bring you closer to High Chaos, and refraining from doing so will steer you towards Low Chaos. You can review your overall Chaos level in the stats screen after each mission. Either this achievement or No Regrets will pop at the end of the game depending on your Chaos outcome over all three missions. You will need two full playthroughs to obtain both of these achievements.

  • Complete The Knife of Dunwall without alerting anyone

    This achievement is quite difficult and requires patience. As with the original game, the main thing to watch out for with enemies is the awareness meter above their heads. When an enemy is alert, the lightning bolts above their head will begin to turn white and fill in. If the bolts turn red, the enemy has found you, and will begin to attack. If this happens, reload from your last save. White bolts will not end your achievement, but the enemy may run toward you on three white bolts. Hide until the enemy is no longer alert, and then continue. The sound of your footsteps while running or walking quickly may alert nearby enemies. To avoid this, move in Stealth Mode using  as much as possible.

  • Complete The Knife of Dunwall without killing anyone

    For each mission, make sure to be loaded up with plenty of sleep darts. Choke out any enemies in your way and dart any enemies that are facing you or if they’re too far away to reach. Make sure not to hit enemies in the head with sleep darts, it will kill them. Darting enemies that are standing on high ledges or near water may cause them to fall and die, so be careful. For each mission, there is a non-lethal way to handle all main targets:

    Mission 1 - A Captain of Industry: After interrogating Rothwild, you are given three options. You can either prepare him for the crate or leave him in the chair; both options will keep him alive. 

    Mission 2 - Eminent Domain: Meet with the prisoner after entering the legal district. Go to his apartment and take the required items. Unlock Apartment 10 and pick up the odorous bag. Locate Timsh in his estate and pickpocket him, which will switch the forged letter you have with his letter of immunity. Enter the basement of the estate and place the odorous bag in the ventilation system. Wait until Timsh is neutralized, then finish off the mission.

    Mission 3 - The Surge: Knock out any Overseers in your way, including Overseer Hume. At the end of mission, choose to capture the remaining Overseers and spare Billie Lurk’s life, assuming you have completed the game in Low Chaos up until this point.

  • Attach an arc mine to a rat, resulting in a kill

    Fairly simple. Equip an Arc Mine in your left hand and attach it to any rat using , assuming the rat is around potential victims. The victim has to be human; other rats or enemies do not count.


Secret achievements

  • You obtained Delilah Copperspoon's identity from Thalia Timsh

    This is story-related and cannot be missed.

  • You spoke with the statue of Delilah in Timsh's estate

    Once you get into Barrister Timsh’s estate in Eminent Domain, make your way up the stairs to the fourth floor. The statue is in the last room at the end of the hall, along with a rune. If the door is locked, pickpocket Timsh; he has the key. Pickpocketing Timsh is required as part of the mission anyway.

  • You performed a drop assassination from atop the Empress statue in The Knife of Dunwall

    After you reach the broken house opposite Daud’s Hideout in The Surge, make your way to the top floor, where you will find one of your captured assassins. The Empress statue is located opposite you on the corner of the Hideout building. Blink on top of the statue and face down. Timing is very important. 
    NOTE: Save your progress here in case you need multiple attempts. 
    When you find an enemy within range, jump off the statue and attempt to land on top of them. Once you get close enough, the drop assassination icon should appear. Strike with your sword once you see it, and your drop assassination should be successful. A quick way to attract enemies is to shoot an Explosive Bolt at the bottom of the statue.

DLC: The Brigmore Witches

There are 10 achievements with a total of 220 points

  • Break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison

    Story Related. You will get this at the end of mission 2 of the DLC.

  • Restore the Undine to working condition

    Story Related. You will get this at the end of mission 3 of the DLC.

  • Purchase at least 8 favors in The Brigmore Witches

    There are exactly 9 favors in this DLC you will need to purchase, I recommend doing this on High Chaos so you are not spending any money on Low Chaos and affecting the" Enough Coin to Disappear" achievement. The first three favors are after the short mission at the beginning and will cost 400 coins for them all, so make sure you get at least 400 out of the 500 coins on the first pre-mission.

  • Complete The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos

    For this playthrough you can kill anybody and everybody. Once you finish the last mission on the DLC you will get this if you killed more than 20% of the enemies. I recommend just killing everybody.

  • Complete The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos

    Complete the game using the stealth option. This means you will need to kill less than 20% of the people in this DLC. However, I recommend you go through without killing or alerting anybody to help yourself with the "Silence Is Golden," and the "Cleanest Hands" achievements.

  • Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone

    Play through it while being stealthy, watch how the AI moves and find the best possible paths. If an enemy becomes suspicious white bars will appear over his/her head, this is fine. You are not alerting them unless they are suspicious enough to have three white bars, and when they turn into red bars, they have been alerted. It is important to save your game any time there is an area you may mess up on.

  • Complete The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone

    Do not kill anybody, not even targets, there is always an alternate way. Dog Skull crushing will count as a kill too, so avoid that as well.

    • Corvo - You can let him just kill you (might as well to be safe) or you can fight back and beat him, and it shouldn't affect this achievement.
    • Old Geezer (leader of The Hatter gang) - He will ask you to kill him, just ignore him and leave. He will give you the code to the door that is blocking your way to the engine you need, if you kill him. However, you can still get the code on a paper in the sewers. For me the code was 984, however it is always random.
    • Delilah - When you are in the void she will begin a ritual, go further back on a different island behind her and get the painting on there. Now wait for her to finish talking to her painting and she will turn around and start walking back, this is your chance to go and switch the paintings. After she completes her ritual with the wrong painting she will be eliminated in a non-lethal matter.

    Note: If you want to do the Granny Rags side mission on Mission 3, you can do it without killing. Make sure you pick up already dead bodies from the gang fights to bring to the ritual as the bride and groom. Do not knock out a male and female to bring because it will kill them. Also, if you are looking for the ring it is in a bush in the back alleyway behind Jeremy's (the Black Market merchant) house. It will help to have Void Gaze II to find it, it is also with a safe key for the abandoned Hatter safe in the same area just across the canal.

  • Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins

    You will need to have 10,000 coins at the end of the DLC and have a low chaos rating. Between the four missions in the DLC there is a total of 10,705 (500, 1655, 3520, 2030) coin, plus a starting 3000 in you start a new save and do not bring over a save from the previous The Knife of Dunwall DLC; which obviously doesn't provide you much room to mess up. You can attempt to go through the game on a new save so you have a starting 3000 coins, and just make sure you get enough in each mission...Or, you can play through The Knife of Dunwall DLC and get as much coin as you can (I recommend at least 5000) to bring over to Brigmore Witches, for a nice head start. 

    Some perks that may help you along the way are Void Gaze II, which will help you see loot through walls and from afar, and Pull, which will reel in coin, ingots, ammo, and consumables from a distance. Also, if you are planning on running through The Knife of Dunwall to make it a little easier on you, feel free to use the coin guide HERE to prevent unnecessary searching. Goodluck! Oh, and don't buy anything!


Secret achievements

  • You delivered (or attempted) the killing blow on Corvo

    You will want to do this on your High Chaos playthrough. At the very beginning of the first mission you will be fighting Corvo, fight back to attempt to kill him.

  • You used an enemy lifted with Pull as a shield

    The Pull power is the new power you can unlock with runes. Get six runes and use them to unlock both tiers of Pull. When you are in a battle with two or more people, use pull on one of them to pull him towards you. When another opponent tries to strike you, he will hit your new "shield."

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