Crafty Achievement

  • Crafty



    Craft a full order of kettles using Tink's newly repaired kettlemaker.


    Collect 6 Baskets: 4 are easy to collect in plain sight. One requires finding 2 pieces of cheese to get the mouse off of the basket. These cheese pieces can be found in the Middle Dark Area and the Right Dark Area. The last basket is on the right part of the scene and requires you to find a shovel to dig it out. The shovel is in the Left Dark Area.

    Complete the blueprint puzzle for the kettlemaker.

    Collect 3 cogs for the repair:


    1. Covering the door of the 2nd house from the left in the top left of the scene
    2. In the Middle Dark Area, to the top and left
    3. In the Right Dark Area, under the leaf on the right


    Complete the construction of the kettlemaker.

    Find 5 acorns:

    1. Right behind the pile of baskets
    2. Right near the stream, under the log
    3. Near the 2nd house from the left
    4. In the Left Dark Area
    5. In the Middle Dark Area, on the ground to the left


    Complete the three rounds of the kettle-making game to unlock this achievement.


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