Springified Achievement

  • Springified



    Build the springifier to plant Rosetta's seeds.

    Use the pinchers (found in middle of scene near the waterfall in the foreground) to cut vines to the Left Dark Area. Light up all three Dark Areas. Find the crank below the Right Dark Area and use it on the well in the left of the scene.

    Repair the bridge:

    Collect 6 sticks. Two are sticking up out of the weeds behind the bridge. Three are sticking out of the lake by the well. One of the three is quite well hidden behind the leaves in the very bottom left corner of the screen. The last is in the Right Dark Area in plain sight.

    Collect 2 spools of thread:

    1. In the Left Dark Area, partially concealed behind the leaf.
    2. Floating in the lake in the left of the scene, near the bottom.

    Find 4 water beetles:

    1. In the Left Dark Area.
    2. In the Middle Dark Area.
    3. Scroll to the far right of the scene. In the foreground, behind a rock.
    4. In the stream, on a lily pad, just behind the wooden bridge.

    Find Rosetta's 4 seeds:

    1. In the far left of the scene, floating on a lily pad on the lake, partially behind some leaver in the lower left corner.
    2. Right next to Rosetta on the lake shore.
    3. In the foreground of the lake shore, in plain sight.
    4. Right under the Right Dark Area, on top of some rocks.


    Click on the shell-looking thing to the right of Rosetta in the grass to start the blueprint game. Complete it.

    Collect 4 springs for the invention:

    1. Right next to the right side of the wooden bridge, on the ground, behind some grass.
    2. In the Right Dark Area, in the top left of the area.
    3. In the Left Dark Area.
    4. In the Middle Dark Area.

    Assemble the contraption to unlock this achievement.


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