Kettle Guru Achievement

  • Kettle Guru



    Assemble all the kettles without making any mistakes during the kettle making game.

    The kettle making game is in the Tinker's Nook level. Once you assemble the kettle maker, you will enter a mini-game where you assemble the kettles, basically tapping the acorns as they pop up to put the lids on them. There are three rounds to complete and they are quite easy, but do get progressively quicker and more challenging. Just follow the directions and take you time. There is no need to rush as the time they give you is more than plenty. The ONLY way you can make a mistake to void this achievement is by tapping on a broken acorn bottom, which the game gives you a tutorial about. So avoid those and you will get the achievement. NOTE: The tutorial for the broken acorn where you have to tap it does not affect this achievement. Once you complete the third round and you score tallies, the achievement will unlock.


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