Getting In Gear Achievement

  • Getting In Gear



    Repair the flower pulley's drive chain in Tinkers' Nook.


    Find 3 flowers to fix the pulley:

    1. Right near the workshop building.
    2. To the right, on top of the metal wheel.
    3. Behind the middle thistle you removed near the snail shell, in the Hidden Area.

    Click on the pulley to enter the gear minigame. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Gearhead."

    Put them in the correct spots to unlock this achievement.

    Complete the following tasks to repair the nut sorter to finish the level.

    Find 4 bamboos:

    1. In the very top right corner of the screen, on a mushroom ledge.
    2. In the Hidden Area near the workshop.
    3. In the grass on the far left of the screen, to the left of the green basket.
    4. On the ledge above the snail shell.

    Find 4 green leaf cups:

    1. On the left area of the scene, to the right of the green basket in the dirt.
    2. In the Hidden Area near the snail shell, hidden in the mushrooms.
    3. On the right side of the screen, on the ground.
    4. On top of the metal wheel.

    Find 1 large black flower: On the right side of the screen, above the acorn cap. Level complete.


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