Thorny Problem Achievement

  • Thorny Problem



    Build the thistle-tickling gadget in Tinkers' Nook.


    Find 6 binoculars:

    1. Right below Chipper.
    2. Just to the right of Chipper, on a ledge.
    3. To the right of the last one, on another ledge.
    4. Scroll all the way to the right, above the yellow window of the workshop.
    5. At the very right edge of the screen, near an acorn.
    6. Below the yellow window in the grass.

    Complete the blue print puzzle, then head to the workshop (hut with yellow window) to assemble the thistle-tickling contraption to unlock this achievement.

    On each level, use the tickling machine on all three thistles in each level to expose the Hidden Area behind them.


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