Flying Colors Achievement

  • Flying Colors



    Trade some pollen to the bee who is guarding a towel in Buttercup Canyon.


    Find 2 water-filled sea shells:

    1. Just to the right of Rosetta, on a small leaf.
    2. In the middle Hidden Area.

    Find 2 leaf towels:

    1. In the far left Hidden Area.
    2. Being carried by the bee. You need to find 7 pollen for the bee to drop the towel.

    Find 7 pollens for the bee:

    1. Just to the left of the bee, on the ground.
    2. Right behind Rosetta, slightly behind a leaf.
    3. Concealed at the far left edge of the screen, in the grass.
    4. Same as the last one.
    5. Near the right edge of the screen, between two mushrooms.
    6. Near to top right of the screen, next to the large orange flower.
    7. In the far right Hidden Area.

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