Bait and Switch Achievement

  • Bait and Switch



    Find something tasty to lure Cheese into Needlepoint Meadow.


    Find 8 twigs to repair the corral:

    1. In the center of the corral.
    2. Just below the corral.
    3. Below and to the left of the corral, in the dirt.
    4. Along the vertical stem of the flower by the blue metal thing on the right side of the scene.
    5. In the far right Hidden Area, concealed in the basket.
    6. In the middle Hidden Area.
    7. In the left Hidden Area.
    8. In the very bottom of the scene, hidden in the grass on the ground.

    Click on Cheese the mouse and find his 3 cheeses.

    1. Behind the corral fence in the back.
    2. In the far left Hidden Area.
    3. In the middle Hidden Area.

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