Insect Inspector Achievement

  • Insect Inspector



    Find the hidden water beetle in all five locations in Saving Spring.

    This is the only collection-based achievement in the game. There is one water beetle in each level of the game that must be found and tapped. You can either get these while you are progressing through the game, or you can go back afterwards if you forget, loading up each level, quickly tapping the beetle, then exiting and moving on to the next one until you get all five of them. The locations of the beetles are listed below:

    1. Tinker's Nook - Peeking out from behind the snail shell in the middle of the scene. You must build the thistle-tickling contraption and move the thistle first before being able to click on the beetle.
    2. Autumn Forest - Scroll to the right of the scene. The beetle is peeking out from behind the grey tree on the left (just beneath the red butterfly cocoon.
    3. Sunflower Gully - In the very top left of the scene, peeking out from behind the green stem that is partially broken.
    4. Buttercup Canyon - In the very top right corner of the scene, peeking out from behind the fat stem of the large orange flower.
    5. Needlepoint Meadow - In the top left corner of the scene, peeking out from behind the very top of the white cottony flower in the background.

    GLITCHY WARNING: Make sure to repeatedly tap each beetle many times to be certain it counts towards the achievement. Your first tap will generally not count, as it just makes the beetle come out of hiding. You need to make sure you hear a squealing sound for the beetle to be counted. Tapping it numerous times will ensure it counts!


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