Thistle Wrangler Achievement

  • Thistle Wrangler



    Earn a 10x combo in Thistle Round-Up by herding ten thistles into the corral all at once.

    This is the most difficult achievement in the game and is solely what makes this game a 2/10 difficulty (and not 1/10). In Needlepoint Meadow, once you lure out Cheese the mouse, you will then compete in a minigame to round-up thistle plants. Basically a bunch of thistles will run from the bottom of the screen to the top, and you must draw out a path to collect them with Cheese the mouse as they do so.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to earn a 10x combo. This is done by collecting a total of 10 thistles with a path drawn by a single finger swipe. There will be three rounds to this minigame, with more thistles coming in each subsequent round. It is best to attempt this achievement on Round 3, as it has the most thistles. Essentially you just want to hang out with Cheese at the top middle of the screen and wait for a whole bunch of thistles to come on screen and build-up. Then, it is best to pick up the whip power-up (that will expand your collection area) and make zig-zag paths through the large group of thistles. If you do not manage to get the 10x combo, make sure not to reach the goal for Round 3 of the minigame (which is 40 thistles). That way you will fail and can just keep replaying that round until you unlock it. This takes a little bit of luck to unlock, so just keep at it.

    NOTE: You do not need to replay the level to get to the minigame. From the level selection screen, you can click on the picture of the thistle next to Needlepoint Meadow to jump directly into the minigame.


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