Rise and Shine Achievement

  • Rise and Shine



    Wake up the slumbering bookworm in the Book Nook.

    MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Charm Scout." Find the 3 charm chests. See "Charm Scout" for their locations.

    Talk to the Bookworm.

    Find 7 green books with purple ribbons:

    1. In the foreground, below the Bookworm.
    2. On the left side of the scene, behind a small mushroom table.
    3. Right behind #2, on the top bookshelf in the back.
    4. In the left Hidden Area, on the bottom shelf.
    5. In the middle Hidden Area, on the right side.
    6. On the right side of the scene, under the mushroom table with the clothes pin on it.
    7. One the far left foreground of the scene you will see a sleeping worm and this book. Click on the worm. You will need to find the bell to wake him, which is in the right Hidden Area, at the bottom. The worm will move and you can grab the book.

    Achievement unlocked!


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