Unjumbled! Achievement

  • Unjumbled!



    Pick up the netted golden book in the Book Nook.

    Click on the display case.

    Find 4 wedges to open the case:

    1. On the shelf directly under the left Hidden Area.
    2. On the mushroom table with the open, green-paged book, on the left of the scene.
    3. In the left Hidden Area, on the top shelf.
    4. On the shelf directly above the middle Hidden Area.

    Keep tapping the fly to chase him until Tink gets an idea. Complete the blueprint puzzle. Find parts for the contraption.

    Find 1 clothes pin: On the mushroom table to the right in the scene.

    Find 3 spiky sticks:

    1. In the very far left of the scene, sticking out from the left edge of the screen.
    2. In the foreground, right at the base of the screen.
    3. Under the mushroom table with the open green book.

    Find 1 matchbox: In the middle Hidden Area.

    Click on the pile of objects on the ground to the left and assemble the contraption. Tap the netted golden book to collect it. Achievement unlocked!


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