Whole Lot of Net Achievement

  • Whole Lot of Net



    Find all of the rope that Tink needs for her cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.

    Complete the blueprint puzzle at the beginning of the level.

    MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Charm Scout." Find the 2 charm chests. See "Charm Scout" for their locations.

    Gather parts for the balloon.

    Find 6 pieces of rope:

    1. On the ground below the left Hidden Area.
    2. In the left Hidden Area, on the bottom shelf to the right.
    3. To the right of the left Hidden Area, near the rock.
    4. In the middle back of the scene, tied to a rock to the left of the middle Hidden Area.
    5. In the right foreground of the scene, beneath some mushrooms.
    6. In the middle Hidden Area, under a stool on the right.

    Achievement unlocked!

    *See "Lofty Aspirations" for the final part of the walkthrough.


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