Charm Scout Achievement

  • Charm Scout



    Find all eight of the talent charms hidden in chests throughout the adventure.

    There are 8 talent charm chests and they are ONLY found in the last three levels of the episode. They look like small gold and brown chests. See below for their locations. If you miss one, you can simply load up the specific level, grab the chest and then exit. It will save the collected chest.

    Fairy Tale Theatre

    1. Hidden behind the mushroom directly behind Verse.
    2. In the foreground in front of Verse, behind the big mushrooms.
    3. At the very bottom far right of the screen, on a mushroom top.

    Book Nook

    1. Under a mushroom table on the far left of the scene.
    2. On the left side of the scene, in the back, under another mushroom table.
    3. On the ground by the right Hidden Area.

    Cottonpuff Valley

    1. On the far left of the scene, hidden up on the side of the grassy hill.
    2. At the bottom of the steps below the middle Hidden Area.

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