Revelry Ready Achievement

  • Revelry Ready



    Build all eight of the scepters shown on the old blueprints in The Scepter Workbench.

    This achievement requires that you first have collected all 8 talent charm chests that are spread throughout the story (see "Charm Scout" for their locations). After doing so, navigate to the Scepter Workbench.

    You will need to complete all 8 of the additional scepter designs that appear one at a time for you. To recreate a scepter, match up the correct color and pattern for all three sections. Then choose the correct charm to go along with it. A "ding, ding, ding" sound will play when you have the correct color/pattern combo for a section, and when you pick the right charm.

    Complete 8 of these in the workbench to unlock this achievement (one using each of the talent charms). After completing each one, you will be shown a leaderboard score of sorts. Because you already crafted one scepter in your progress through the story, you must raise your leaderboard number to 9.


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