Lofty Aspirations Achievement

  • Lofty Aspirations



    Fully assemble Tinker Bell's cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.

    Find 1 compass: In the middle Hidden Area, on the left.

    Find 4 leafy blobs:

    1. In the middle of the scene, in the foreground in plain sight.
    2. In the very bottom right foreground of the scene, by the mushrooms.
    3. In the right Hidden Area.
    4. On the ground in front of the left Hidden Area, nestled in some rocks.

    Click on the pile of stuff and assemble the contraption.

    Find 5 metal pans to weight down the balloon:

    1. To the left of the steps below the middle Hidden Area.
    2. Just to the left of the right Hidden Area door.
    3. In the middle Hidden Area, on the top shelf.
    4. On the right side of the scene, click the butterfly holding the pan. You will need to find 2 nectar drops for the butterfly. One is in the curly leafy plant on the left edge of the screen. The other is at the base of the steps below the middle Hidden Area. Once the butterfly drops the pan, collect it.
    5. Tap on the mantis in the far left of the scene. You will need to find 3 seeds. One is right below the floating balloon on the ground. Another is in the right Hidden Area, in the nook on the left. The final seed is in the left Hidden Area, on the shelf to the left. Pick up the pan when the mantis drops it.

    Achievement unlocked! Episode 3 complete!


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