Lucky Stars Achievement

  • Lucky Stars



    Activate the star multiplier three times during a single balloon ride in The Journey Home.

    See "Blue Skies Ahead" for information on The Journey Home and some tips for success.

    To activate the star multiplier, you need to collect three golden stars (shown in the top middle of screen) without hitting anything. If you hit anything, you will loose all your golden stars. Once you collect three, the multiplier will automatically activate, giving you a score multiplier for a short time (the balloon will be flickering orange during this time). To unlock this achievement, you need to activate this multiplier three times in a single run of the Journey Home.

    Do not worry about collecting leaves for score, just focus on avoiding obstacles and bats, and most importantly, collecting every golden star. This achievement requires more skill than "Blue Skies Ahead" in most cases because of the need to not take damage. Collect hook power-ups only if they are in your path. This is really just about staying alive long enough to actually come across 9 total gold stars.


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