Blue Skies Ahead Achievement

  • Blue Skies Ahead



    Score over 2,500,000 points in a single balloon ride in The Journey Home.

    The Journey Home is a minigame that unlocks after you complete the final level of Episode 4, The Galley. It can be accessed from the level-selection map by clicking on the picture of a balloon. The Journey Home is basically an endless-run version of the final scene in the episode. You control a pixie dust powered balloon through an infinite series of obstacles as your speed becomes ever faster. Scoring 2.5 million points is not that difficult but most likely will require a few tries. Some tips:

    • Points earned by collecting leaves, so make sure to get as many as you can.
    • The power-up that looks like a hook is very important. It will cause all leaves that you pass to be drawn towards your balloon and collected.
    • The gold stars can be collected to provide a multiplier on the points you earn from the leaves. Once you collect three gold stars, your multiplier will be active for a short time (the balloon will flicker when it is active). Getting hit will make you loose all your gold stars and end your multiplier.
    • Keep an eye on your pixie dust (health bar) at the bottom. If you lose all your dust, your run will be over. Only try to collect the pixie dust pick-ups if your health is not full.
    • Pay attention for the red "!" symbols on the right side of the screen. This is where a bat will be spawning and coming across the screen.
    • The level's sequences are randomly generated, so you may get a challenging sections occasionally, and sometimes very easy ones.

    The key to this achievement is avoiding obstacles and bats. Focus on mainly collecting the hook power-ups. They are almost frequent enough to always have one active. Also focus on collecting gold stars to get the short-lasting multipliers. With a bit of practice, you should have this achievement in no time.


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