Precise Schematics Achievement

  • Precise Schematics



    Complete the blueprint in the Marsh moving in order from left to right, bottom to top.

    In the Marsh level, after getting to shore with the help of the frog, you will need to complete a blueprint puzzle. To earn this achievement, you will need to complete this puzzle in a specific order. Start with the bottom left tile. Spin it until you are 100% certain it is correctly aligned. Then begin heading across the bottom row, aligning each tile and moving on only when you are certain the current tile is matched up. Once you finish the last tile in the bottom row, start all the way on the left with the second row, moving across to the right one again. Repeat this pattern until all of the tiles are lined up and the achievement will unlock.

  • For the german players: The german description reads "top to bottom" (von oben nach unten). The english description is correct, start at the bottom left, clear the row part by part and then the row above and so on.

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