Pathfinder Achievement

  • Pathfinder



    Complete a path to shore for Tinker Bell at The Marsh.


    Marsh Level

    Long Things (4):

    1. Silver pocketwatch - Just under and to the right of the left Hidden Area.
    2. Spool - In the right Hidden Area.
    3. Marble - In the Middle Hidden Area.
    4. Miniature Ship - On the right side of the scene, right at the base of the large grey rock with the stump on it.


    1. On the ground to the right of the frog.
    2. In the foreground, under the frog.
    3. In the tree just to the right of the left Hidden Area.
    4. Same as #3.
    5. In the right of the scene, on the ground to the left of the right Hidden Area.

    Click on the tree on the left of the screen. Find 3 pebbles to knock the tree over:

    1. In the water under the gourd boat.
    2. Under the tree you clicked on.
    3. In the nook of the tree above the frog.

    Find the supplies to move the log:

    1. Fishing hook: In the left Hidden Area.
    2. Vine: On the rock touching the gourd boat.
    3. Long stick: Right above the frog.

    Tap on the frog. He will pull a shell over to make a bridge for you to shore. Achievement unlocked!


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