Coaxed by Clover Achievement

  • Coaxed by Clover



    Lure the cricket off the handwraps in the Slug Slide lounge.

    Slug Slide Lounge

    Choose any team.

    Click on the circular lockers that have pieces of string covering their openings. These are the Hidden Areas. There are three per scene, and they will be referred to as the left, middle, and right Hidden Areas for finding objects. Follow the instructions to open them to see what is inside the lockers.

    LOST THINGS (6):

    1. Silver fan - In the middle Hidden Area.
    2. Green marble - In the right Hidden Area, under the pink flower.
    3. Gold funnel - In the main scene, on the right, just above the red flowers, partially off the screen.
    4. Stamp - In the left Hidden Area.
    5. Gold marble - In the middle of the scene, behind the log, near two seashells.
    6. Horse trinket - Tucked in the rocks just above and to the left of the waterfall. This object is very small.

    FIREWORKS (5):

    1. On the far left of the scene, by the pink flowers.
    2. Just to the right of the previous, on the ground under the leaf hut.
    3. In the background of the scene, behind the weight-lifting bench.
    4. On the right of the scene, under the sunflowers, beside the log.
    5. On top of the middle Hidden Area locker.


    Click on the Slug Slide checklist.

    Find 4 handwraps:

    1. On the far left edge of the screen.
    2. In the middle Hidden Area.
    3. In the left Hidden Area.
    4. On the ground to the left, under a blue cricket. You will need to find 4 clovers to make the cricket move. The clovers are 1) Under one of the legs of the weight-lifting bench. 2) On the right of the scene, in the foreground. 3) Next to where the checklist was, in a glass bottle. Tap it then find a piece of bamboo to pry it open. The bamboo is on the left of the scene, under the large banner on the rock. Click the bottle again to collect the clover. The cricket will move and you can now get the wrap.

    Achievement unlocked.


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