Sluggish Achievement

  • Sluggish



    Slip and slide your way to victory by completing a match of Slug Slide.

    Look at the Slug Slide checklist again.

    Find 6 hazelnut oil containers:

    1. Under the sunflowers, in a bucket.
    2. In the right Hidden Area.
    3. In the middle Hidden Area.
    4. In the left Hidden Area.
    5. On the rocks, under the leaf hut.
    6. Right behind the left side of the log.

    Talk to Rosetta.

    Find the 4 missing slugs:

    1. Behind and to the left of Rosetta.
    2. On top of the right Hidden Area locker.
    3. In the foreground, under the weight-lifting bench.
    4. On top of the leaf hut.

    Click the colorful symbol above Rosetta to get to the games. Complete the Flower Power-Up game.

    Complete the tutorial round of Slug Slide. Achievement unlocked. Complete the final four rounds of Slug Slide to complete the level.


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