Fancy Fieldwork Achievement

  • Fancy Fieldwork



    Scurry ahead of the competition by winning a match of Mouse Polo.

    Talk to Silvermist.

    Click on the caterpillar in the background behind the sunflower table. Find the things to help him out of the hole.

    Find 7 pieces of paper with pepper on them:

    1. Just to the left of the sleeping mouse in the leaf hut.
    2. In the left Hidden Area.
    3. In the right Hidden Area.
    4. In the very bottom right of the scene, under the mouse wheel.
    5. In the middle foreground, to the left of the stumps.
    6. On the ground below the sunflower table.
    7. On top of the leaf hut.

    Find a pepper shaker: Right behind the table, embedded in the sunflowers.

    Collect the book from the ground after the caterpillar sneezes his way out of the hole.

    Talk to Iridessa.

    Find a magnifying lens: Under the sleeping mouse next to Cheese. You will need to find a way to get it from there.

    Find 4 pine branches:

    1. On the right of the scene, on the leftmost stump.
    2. Next to Iridessa, in the planter to the right.
    3. In the middle Hidden Area.
    4. On the ground below Cheese, hidden in a tiny piece of grass.

    Find a handle: In the right Hidden Area.

    Grab the lens after tickling the sleeping mouse. Tap the tree to collect the acorns.

    Enter the event area by tapping the hallway. Complete the Flower Power-up game and all three rounds of Mouse Polo.

    Achievement unlocked. This concludes the level as well.


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