Power Pollinator Achievement

  • Power Pollinator



    Set off a chain of 20x or more in a match of Flower Power-Up.

    This achievement can be earned in the Flower Power-Up game in story mode, or you can select the mini-game directly (by clicking on the bee symbol in the level-selection screen) after finishing the first story level, The Slug Lounge. This achievement requires that you get a combo of 20 or more. This is very easy to do. Keep moving your bee around, releasing pollen while avoiding all of the pollens already floating around. More and more pollen will pile up. If you run into a pollen, that one and all nearby ones will turn into honey combs. You need to get 20 to turn into honey combs at the same time, so just wait until there is a bunch and go for it. You should be able to get this on your first try, as long as you avoid the pollen for a good while.


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