Unwound! Achievement

  • Unwound!



    Open all the team lockers in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge in 90 seconds or less.

    This achievement can only be earned on the third level, Pixie Cart Derby Lounge. As soon as the level starts and you have control, click on the Hidden Areas. Go through each one as fast as you can, untangling the string until it makes a circle, with no overlapping string. You need to finish all three in under 90 seconds to pop this achievement. This is not that difficult once you understand how to work the minigame, though these ones are harder than the other levels. The starting position is a bit random, so there is no definitive solution. After completing the other levels, you should easily be able to get this on your first try. If you don't, just reload the level as this can be done right from the start of it.


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