Sweetly Specific Achievement

  • Sweetly Specific



    Pop exactly 25 pieces of pollen during a single game of Flower Power-Up.

    This achievement can be earned in the Flower Power-up minigame in story mode, or you can select the mini-game directly (by clicking on the car symbol in the level-selection screen) after finishing the first story level, The Slug Lounge. This achievement requires that you finish a round of Flower Power-Up with exactly 25 pieces of pollen popped. The key here is to move your bee as little as possible and control the amount of pollen you are releasing (pollen only is release when you are moving). Go to a corner of the screen and move just a tiny bit periodically until a pollen releases. As soon as it does, move again to grab it. Repeat until you mentally count that you have popped 25 pollens. Then just do nothing and stay stationary until the timer runs out. If you got exactly 25, the achievement will unlock at the end of the game.


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