No Boost Needed Achievement

  • No Boost Needed



    Complete the Pixie Cart Derby without picking up any pixie dust.

    This achievement can be earned in the Derby Cart race mini-game in the story or you can select the race directly (by clicking on the car symbol in the level-selection screen) after finishing the third story level, The Derby Lounge. This achievement requires that you complete the entire race without picking up a single bag of Pixie dust. This is similar to the "Obstacle Ahead" achievement, except now you are avoiding Pixie dust.

    Just progress through the race avoiding all of the green bags of dust. They are often place directly in your path, so you will have to run into obstacles to miss them. This is fine. Actually you should just ignore all obstacles as if they aren't even there. Plow through them. There is no penalty. It seemed to be easiest to just stay at the very bottom of the track and go up briefly to avoid any Pixie dust if necessary.

    Because they are trying model 3D in 2D, even if you are the entire way at the top of the path, you still can collect dust bags that are below you. Just stay at the bottom to make it easier on yourself. You know that you picked up a dust bag if it pops up on your status bar below and gives you a boost. If you avoid them all for the circa two minute race, the achievement will pop afterwards.


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