Goal Line Defender Achievement

  • Goal Line Defender



    Win a game of Mouse Polo by allowing your teammate to score all of your team's goals.

    This achievement can be earned in the Mouse Polo mini-game in the story, or you can select the mini-game directly (by clicking on the mouse symbol in the level-selection screen) after finishing the second story level, The Polo Lounge. This achievement requires that you win a game with your teammate scoring all of your goals. See "Landslide!" for more information on playing Flower Power-Up to be awarded free goals at the start of the match (which can help significantly), and for the basics of Mouse Polo.

    For this achievement, you will want to concentrate on not carrying the acorn anywhere near the opponent's goal and accidentally scoring. As soon as you enter the half circle surrounding their goal, you will automatically score. Just focus on setting picks and helping your teammate make it to the net when they have it. Generally you want to hang back and play a more defensive style. If you do get the acorn, just run into the offensive zone and head to the corner and stand there until you lose it. Avoid the mud and always get power-ups. As long as you win and you personally do not score any goals, the achievement will pop after the game.


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