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There are 95 achievements with a total of 1000 points

    DLC: Episode 1: Hidden Treasures

    There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Find a mushroom in the Pixie Dust Tree.

    • Ask Blaze to give you a hint.

    • Discover Tink's talent during the welcoming ceremony.

    • Help Tink assemble her light gadget.

    • Lift the flower to the council chambers in the Pixie Dust Tree.

    • Crafty



      Craft a full order of kettles using Tink's newly repaired kettlemaker.

    • Send Cheese out with his delivery wagon in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Help Tinker Bell complete three different blueprints for her inventions.

    • Build the springifier to plant Rosetta's seeds.

    • Tinker up the first hawk-shaped kite in the history of Pixie Hollow.

    • Help Tinker Bell repair Wendy's lost music box in Lost Thing Cove.

    • Bother Tink by tapping her on the nose five times quickly!

    • Tap to learn about each of the five houses in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Assemble all the kettles without making any mistakes during the kettle making game.

    • Tap to see each of the four water beetles slide down the big blade of grass in Dewdrop Vale.

    • Help Tinker Bell to wake up all of the sproutlings in all five locations.

    • Help Tinker Bell find all of the Lost Things in all five locations.

    • Replay any location from the map.

    • Earn three stars in every location on the map.

    • Light all of the crystal torches in Pine Tree Grove before doing anything else.

    DLC: Episode 2: Saving Spring

    There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Find a pair of binoculars in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Repair the flower pulley's drive chain in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Build the thistle-tickling gadget in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Make mud medicine for the injured mouse in Autumn Forest.

    • Create a contraption that will transport berries out of Autumn Forest.

    • Fill up the berry blower contraption with berries in Autumn Forest.

    • Reunite the cricket with her babies in Sunflower Gully.

    • Create a contraption to sort out all of the spilled rainbows in Sunflower Gully.

    • Gather the rainbows into Tink's contraption using mussel shell mirrors in Sunflower Gully.

    • Talk with Rosetta about the sprinting thistles in Buttercup Canyon.

    • Trade some pollen to the bee who is guarding a towel in Buttercup Canyon.

    • Create a contraption to repaint all of the mispainted ladybugs in Buttercup Canyon.

    • Find something tasty to lure Cheese into Needlepoint Meadow.

    • Round up all the thistles with Cheese's help.

    • Lull the sprinting thistles in Needlepoint Meadow.

    • Find the hidden water beetle in all five locations in Saving Spring.

    • Place all the gears from right to left while repairing the pulley in Tinkers' Nook.

    • Make the mother cricket look back and forth five times on her seed pile in Sunflower Gully.

    • Pop three different bubbles before they reach the berry pile in Buttercup Canyon.

    • Earn a 10x combo in Thistle Round-Up by herding ten thistles into the corral all at once.

    DLC: Episode 3: Once in a Blue Moon

    There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Find an orange lantern in the Council Chambers.

    • Clean away the slime on the blueprint cupboard in the Council Chambers.

    • Use tongs to lift the blueprint out of the bowl of berry paint in the Council Chambers.

    • Find all of the scepter parts that Terence 'organized' in Tinker Bell's house.

    • Set the water beetle into the wheel of the fire-tending contraption in Tinker Bell's house.

    • Help to assemble Tink's scepter design in Tinker Bell's house.

    • Talk to Verse about the script problem in Fairy Tale Theatre.

    • Return the orchestra animals to their podium in Fairy Tale Theatre.

    • Come up with a plan to repair the old contraption in Fairy Tale Theatre.

    • Wake up the slumbering bookworm in the Book Nook.

    • Pick up the netted golden book in the Book Nook.

    • Find all of the rope that Tink needs for her cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.

    • Shoo the snail on the floor in the Council Chambers completely out of view.

    • Wipe away the moonsnail slime from any slimy door handle in a single motion.

    • Make the cuckoo clock cricket pop out of his clock in Tinker Bell's house.

    • Win a game of Conductor Says with the orchestra animals in Fairy Tale Theatre.

    • Save a scepter design that you created in freeplay mode of The Scepter Workbench.

    • Find all eight of the talent charms hidden in chests throughout the adventure.

    • Build all eight of the scepters shown on the old blueprints in The Scepter Workbench.

    • Fully assemble Tinker Bell's cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley.

    DLC: Episode 4: North of Never Land

    There are 15 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Assemble the ultimate scare-rat contraption in The Galley in under forty five seconds.

    • Activate the star multiplier three times during a single balloon ride in The Journey Home.

    • Score over 2,500,000 points in a single balloon ride in The Journey Home.

    • Earn three stars in all five locations in North of Never Land.

    • Fly back to Pixie Hollow in Tinker Bell's balloon.

    • Find the Mirror of Incanta in The Captain's Quarters.

    • Melt the candle using mussel shell mirrors in The Captain's Quarters.

    • Lure the firefly to Tinker Bell's scare-rat contraption at The Marsh.

    • Complete the blueprint in the Marsh moving in order from left to right, bottom to top.

    • Complete a path to shore for Tinker Bell at The Marsh.

    • Lift the log to let Tinker Bell's boat float downstream at The Stone Arch.

    • Release the gourd trapped in the rocks on the hillside at The Stone Arch.

    • Tickle the sleeping mouse at The Landing Site at least five times.

    • Never miss a note with Tink's spider serenader while playing through any one location.

    • Learn how to use Tink's spider serenading gadget at The Landing Site.

    DLC: Episode 5

    There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Lure the cricket off the handwraps in the Slug Slide lounge.

    • Find all the banners for the Opening Ceremonies in the Slug Slide lounge.

    • Slip and slide your way to victory by completing a match of Slug Slide.

    • Grow a bushel of polo balls by cultivating the baby oak tree in the Mouse Polo lounge.

    • Find a cure for one of your team's invaluable player: Cheese.

    • Scurry ahead of the competition by winning a match of Mouse Polo.

    • Help Tinker Bell assemble a derby cart in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge.

    • Win the championship trophy in the Pixie Hollow Games.

    • Set off a chain of 20x or more in a match of Flower Power-Up.

    • Successfully navigate all three shortcuts in a single Pixie Cart Derby race.

    • Open all the team lockers in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge in 90 seconds or less.

    • Pop exactly 25 pieces of pollen during a single game of Flower Power-Up.

    • Earn three stars in every level of Slug Slide.

    • Win a match of Mouse Polo by 15 points or more.

    • Complete the Pixie Cart Derby without hitting a single obstacle.

    • Complete the Pixie Cart Derby without picking up any pixie dust.

    • Turn on all four lanterns in the tunnel that leads to the Coliseum in the Slug Slide lounge.

    • Complete Level 26 of Slug Slide in exactly eight moves.

    • Earn three stars in every location in The Pixie Hollow Games.

    • Win a game of Mouse Polo by allowing your teammate to score all of your team's goals.

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      There are 95 achievements to unlock in Disney Fairies worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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